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Updated on September 17, 2015

Magnetic Waves

magnetic waves/fractal
magnetic waves/fractal | Source



Treatment of cancer, arthritis pain, headaches, gout, and stress have enjoined an old traditional therapy of magnetized therapy treatment. This treatment is used to ease pain and cure and treat cancer. There are documented cases of people being cured of cancer according to The American Cancer Society (12-2012).

These are new and old therapies employ magnets to induce electromagnetic responses, frequencies, radio waves, and impulses reactive in the human body engaging and inducing stimulation. The impulses and responses induce the flow of blood in the immune system, new cells, and in turn reduce the pain in many parts of the body


In 1970, a researcher, by the name of Albert Roy Davies, PhD, discovered and noticed that positive and negative charges affect biological systems, where it is believed that magnets could kill cancer cells by stimulating the immune system.

Some of the new and old treatment centers employ bracelets, necklaces, anklets, and beads that are metals or crystallized substances that can react and engage the reactive chemicals in the body. Some of the engaging metals that can be engaged are Lodestone, Copper, Iron, Cobalt, and Nickel. There are other crystallized minerals that are also electromagnetic like Amber which is the most powerful conductance mineral on Earth.

Iron and carbon isotopes in the human body, along with hydrogen, water, and its chemical compositions especially oxygen are reactive elements that react electrically; that is why the human body exerts conductance, convection, evaporation, and oxygenation (Sweat: Body Flicker and/or (

These elemental properties are also found in the universe and it is in angular rotational orbit, like our cells, molecules, and electrodynamics that the universe, (our world within a world) that spins around. The universe is in a electromagnetic conglomerate of worlds and is quite spectacular when you look at all the worlds within worlds like the planets that rotate around each other and its inhabitants.

Our molecular system or atoms are continually duplicating, replicating, orbiting, rotating, and changing by oxygenation, conductance, evaporation, and convection when we eat, sleep, exercise, or live through our daily routines. When they split atoms or molecules, the energy converts into different substances or gases to energize our bodies. For example, we spoke about how glucose (C6H¹²O²) converts into Oxygen (0²) in the body, and then in turn converts into water (H²0). This is a chemical and electrical engagement of molecules or atoms being split in the human body as it changes ( dynamics of the magnetics occurring alongside and the body being induced by radio waves, electrical currents, or magnets on and around the body stimulate nerves, muscles, tissues, and the blood flow in the body. It touches or reacts with our neurons or transmitters of energy that trigger movements and chemical reactions in the body.

These processes are called, Diamagnetic, Paramagnetic, and Ferromagnetic.

  • Paramagnetic – Is a stimulus that is the strongest of the magnetics and is a magnetism that is passed through two polar positions like the north and south poles of earth.
  • Diamagnetism – is exhibited by a substance only in the presence of an externally applied magnetic field, it results in orbital changes in the earth and environmental changes, and this is one of the weaker forms of forces.
  • Ferromagnetic – Is a force that is magnetized and drawn toward Iron minerals.

The human body is a combination of the three magnetisms because of our human components and elemental properties. For example Diamagnetism is magnetized with hydrogen which the human body maintains and releases in carbon dioxide. The Paramagnetic force is a drawn or magnetized with Oxygen, which is another elemental component of the human body. Finally, Ferromagnetism is an element that is magnetic with Iron, and this is another one of our components (Lee, E.W. (1970) Magnetism).

When the human body has a magnet like bracelets, necklaces, or anklets our nerves, muscles, tissues, and the bloodstream are stimulated to respond and react which in turn helps our immune system functions, eases pain, reduces stress, and helps ease arthritic ailments. Beads and crystals that are highly magnetized are Amber, Lodestone, Cobalt, and Crystal Quartz (Crystalline). Crystalline is Ferromagnetic and it is induced spontaneously with magnetism.

Our bodies are electrical conductors, we are an electrical sphere!

Volume 1, Issue 35, 4-10-2013

by Aida Garcia

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    • aida-garcia profile imageAUTHOR

      Aida Garcia 

      5 years ago from Anaheim, CA 92801

      I was really impressed with the magnetic therapy that is being conducted at the American Cancer Society it is noteworthy to say the least.

    • Hurry and Habit profile image

      Hurry and Habit 

      5 years ago

      Yes I beleive that magnets can be very effective to help with certain pais. Used them for my back pains. I got magnets everywhere in my house!


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