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Main Advantages of Dental Implants over Dentures

Updated on April 4, 2012

We live in a world where perfection is advertised everywhere, from Television to magazines. This is why nowadays everybody dreams of pearly teeth and a perfect smile. Nevertheless, what should we do if our teeth are rotten beyond repair or even missing? There are two solutions that dentists use in order to fix this problem: the classic, well-known dentures or dental implants. However, although dentures can make one's life a lot easier, dental implants have significantly more advantages compared to dentures.

Although dental implants may cost more, there are plenty of benefits that come with them. The implants can look a lot more natural than dentures do, the natural-looking dentures are usually a lot more expensive than the common ones. Besides the appearance and the quality, another important advantage of dental implants is that unlike dentures, they are fixed, not removable, therefore you do not have to worry about them. If the dentures do not fit your mouth properly, they might cause serious injuries to your gums.

dentures or implants?
dentures or implants?

Despite the price of dental implants, the cost can basically be the same in the case of dentures, since dentures need special care. For example, denture adhesives may be needed and effervescent cleaners in order to remove food particles and prevent tartar and plaque. In addition, the patient needs a certain amount of time to get used to the new teeth, and false teeth may cause sores or other injuries.

With the technology used for dental implants at Ashby, you will get high quality, natural-looking teeth that last for a long period of time. Your new teeth will give you more self confidence, and due to their independent structure they will not affect the surrounding teeth. No matter if you need one tooth or more, you can certainly enjoy the benefits of dental implants!


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