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Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Updated on November 11, 2010

Proper Lifestyle Can Extend Your Life

Staying Well Can Only Happen if You Work at It

Now there are lots of ways to increase your well being and stay well. There are lots of foods that help prevent Cancer and Diabetes as well as keep toxicity from building up in the body. I will not attempt to explain what all of these foods can do but will mention some of them as diet is very important in maintaining a healthy body and life style. First let's talk about foods. Green leafy vegitables as well as citrus fruits help maintain proper waste elimination as well as provide antioxidents which help prevent cancer. Get a list of these from your health provider. Talk to a nutritionist about vegitables, sprouts, and also root vegitables that are good for a healthy diet. Foods such as spinach, collards, carrots, sweet potatoes, broccoli, kale, and cauliflower are a good source of antioxidents, iron, and vitimains. Grains also contain fiber which hellp in the elimination of waste. It has been determined that nuts also have good fats that help in maintaining normal healthy body function. Chicken, beef, and fish cooked properly are also good for healthy body function. Talk to your nutritionist or research which type of fish to eat and how to cook these meats. Of course frying foods is not looked upon favorabily but cooking in the right kind of oil makes a difference but broiling, baking and grilling are recommended. Barries are also a good source of nutrition. To make some of these dishes more palatable may require some creativity. You can prepair vegitables in raw forms in healthy salads and snacks along with muts and berries. Steaming vegitables is much healthier than boiling as boiling takes away the nutrients. Just be sure to clean these vegitables thoroughly and use a clean cutting board. Beans are also good as they provide protein. Exercising helps keep the body operating also at top efficiency. While you may have researched and read all of this and discussed it with your health providers did you know that lifestyle also plays a very important part in maintaining good health. Getting enough sleep, eliminating cafffeine which can be found in coffee, tea, and even chocolates can make a difference in how well you act, feel and think. Smoking and using illegal drugs are also not healthy. Learn to read lables on foods and understand how to interpret them. Maintaining a low level of stress due to whom you associate with, where you work, the type of work you do,and the people you work with can contribute to how well you are. One of the things that imployers are discovering is wellness programs work and help to hold down the cost of health which help in the elimination of high insurance premiums which could lead to the reduction of jobs, which could lead to stress. The key to understanding wellness is to understand that total lifestyle, work environments, attitude, proper use of drugs, limited use if not at all of alcohol, having friends and associating with people that keep a positive and constructive attidue, all combine in a healthy and long life. Engaging in sinceless, wreckless, careless, and unnecessary, foolish activities leads to a lack of responsibility to yourself, your, loved ones, and to your way of earning a living. All the healthy foods, exercising, muscle building, and becoming popular with others will not work if you choose not to maintain limited stress by avoiding places, situations, and people that create a negative attatude, and threaten your well being. Some jobs require a healthy level of stress even as life itself does. but working to create the safest environment and maintaining a willingness to think positive, inviting constructive criticism, engaging in good supportive friends and groups can go a long way in helping to maintain a balanced and healthy life thus promoting longevity and a rich life and zest for living.


Eating Healthy


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