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Maintaining Fire Safety Equipment Ensures Protection

Updated on April 16, 2015

More than the installation of the right fire safety equipment before occupying any building, it is important to see that this equipment is always maintained in good working condition.

Poor Maintenance Can Be Self Defeating

Statistics obtained from insurance companies that have quite often the brunt of fire damage and restitution, has brought to the fore, this neglect of maintenance which leads to an inability to fight fires. You will then have sand buckets that are empty, fire extinguishers whose chemicals have expired, hydrants that do not work, pumps that are not functional and fire tanks that are empty. Just having fire safety equipment in place is not of any use unless it is always maintained in perfect working condition. Large offices and people who are aware of these danger, will always hold periodic drills for fire safety, that ensures that only is the equipment tested out, but also makes sure that people know the correct thing to do when a fire breaks out. Such drills have been known to have saved a lot of lives, by giving the right discipline and protocol to be followed after a fire.


Training Is a Must

Besides the installing of the right fire safety equipment, it is also very essential that people in a building know how to use it. There must be people trained to use fire extinguishers and hoses, someone who knows something about first aid and people who act as marshals to guide people to safety. Tall buildings must also have safe and secure refuge areas, where people can take temporary shelter, and this must be considered as part of fire safety equipment. It is also important to maintain clearly marked fire exits and ensure always that all passageways for these exits are always clear and never cluttered.

Improving Fire Safety

Fire safety can be further improved if all the doors provided in any building have a fire rating that delays the fire and prevents it spreading. There are standards laid down in building codes and must be followed to ensure better protection from fire. Alarms and all systems must be constantly checked to see that they are functional, and this is especially important for systems that are dependent on batteries for their functioning.

Maintaining fire equipment in working condition is as important, if not more than installing the one that is most suited to your property. Look after your equipment and it will save you a lot of money and botheration in the long run.


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