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DIY Copycat Burt's Bees Chapstick

Updated on July 13, 2016
Burts Bees Products, 2012
Burts Bees Products, 2012 | Source

I’ll come right out and say it: I love lip balm. We’re not just acquaintances who only say "hello" on the occasional winter day or before a promising date.

Lip balm is the best friend that's always by my side, and I'm very particular about the kind I use. For years I thought I’d found the perfect brand, and I was totally obsessed with Burt's Bees Lip Balm.

The texture is flawless. Its cool mint tingle feels bold, yet gentle. I also loved that it was made from natural ingredients - especially after learning about the numerous unregulated chemicals in skincare products. The love affair would’ve lasted forever if it weren’t for the day my friend Rachel remarked, “It’s too bad that Burt's Bees uses canola oil.”

Why I Quit Burt's Bees

For those who don’t know, canola oil is pressed from the genetically modified rapeseed plant. If you’re avoidant of genetically modified organisms (like I am) this is not an oil you use. Skin is also porous which means that you absorb the chemicals you put on it.

And this stressed me out. I’ve used so much lip balm my mother once asked me if I was eating it. Now I feared the amount of canola oil I was "ingesting" from lip balm use alone.

Plus, isn't 3 dollars for a tube of lip balm a bit much?

That's when the idea to make my own version of Burt's Bees Lip Balm took hold.

My finished lip balm!
My finished lip balm! | Source

The Recipe

Now, I’ve DIY-ed before, even making my own deodorant (FYI: making your own deodorant gives you a veritable black belt in frugal, hippie living). I thought, I can do this: I can make a lip balm as good as Burt's Bees, if not better.

Well, several recipes later, I did it! I present to you “Better Than Burt's Bees Lip Balm.” This recipe takes about 10 minutes to make and only requires four ingredients. It also has the added boost of rosehip seed oil which is high in vitamin A and has been shown to boost cellular regeneration for plump, youthful lips.



  • beeswax
  • refined coconut oil
  • peppermint oil
  • rosehip seed oil, optional

Step 1 - Heat 1 TBSP beeswax pellets with 1 TBSP of coconut oil in a double boiler until melted. Remove from heat and let cool for about 10 minutes.

The coconut oil and beeswax melting together
The coconut oil and beeswax melting together | Source

Step 2 - Stir in ½ tsp of rosehip seed oil and 20 or more drops of peppermint oil depending on your preference.

Stirring in the rosehip seed and peppermint oil
Stirring in the rosehip seed and peppermint oil | Source

Step 3 - Scoop mixture into a small jar, makeup pot, or empty chapstick tube.

Once the formula is cooled you can package it
Once the formula is cooled you can package it | Source

This recipe gives you the thick, spreadable consistency of Burt Bees and the same beautiful minty-ness. It’s also totally natural and customizable. Try adding a drop of rosemary or eucalyptus oil for an interesting twist.

Last, but not least, this formula is so much cheaper than the real thing. The modest recipe above makes three full makeup tubs!


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    • Fawntia profile image

      Fawntia Fowler 18 months ago from Portland

      Whenever I've used ChapStick brand lip balm, it has made my lips feel better in the short run but worse in the long run. So now I just use coconut oil when I use anything. Maybe I'll try this recipe if I can find the time! Thanks, Niquita.

    • Marina Lazarevic profile image

      Marina 18 months ago from San Francisco, CA

      This is so cool! I had no idea it was so easy to make lip balm. I, too, have an addiction to it. I'll have to try this recipe at some point. Great Hub!