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Working Out Away from the Gym .... Make Exercise More Fun!

Updated on June 2, 2012

Some Fun and Cheap Ways Excercise - ditch the gym and get some fresh air!

Moving your body doesn't have to feel as tedious as spending an hour on the treadmill looking at the clock hanging on the gym wall next to the tv you can't really see or hear. The following ideas for fun and cheap exercise might not be the most power-filled workout out there, but you probably will remember having done them with a smile!

1. Play Ball!

Grab a basketball and head to the local court. A game of basketball is a fun, competitive way to burn some calories while bonding with friends. Invest in some tennis gear (try Salvation Army or Goodwill) and find a local park with a tennis court. Learning as you play is a great way to exercise. Or play an old-fashioned (school yard style) game of kickball. Check out WAKA Kickball to find a kickball league near you!

2. Playgrounds? Yeah, Playgrounds!

Playgrounds are still a fun way to get exercise. Swings, monkey bars, and jungle gyms provide great ways to move those legs, get some upper arm strength, and have fun with your kids all in one quick trip to the park. Here's a link to a great article with detailed playground exercise suggestions!

3.GeoCaching. What is GeoCaching?

Geocaching is an outdoor game using GPS systems (either with a handheld GPS unit or now you can use your IPhone too with the Apps Store). You hunt for caches (treasure) that other people hide outdoors. When you find a cache using your gps, you can take a treasure from the cache as long as you leave something of equal or greater value. What a fun way to go out for a walk or hike and burn calories! Find lots of information on the details of Geocaching here and visit the official Geocaching website here.

4. Don't leave the backyard.

Just grab a hula hoop. A jump rope. A frisbee. Garden.... Remember the races you used to have with friends at recess? Grab the hubbie and have a race. Best out of 3! Better yet, best out of 10!

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