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Managing Dry Skin During Winter

Updated on November 25, 2016

3,2,1 Start Your Moisturizers!

Moisturizing is key!

In the winter season the air is crisp and loses its humidity,which means that people suffering from dry skin or even eczema will feel the dry change in the weather the most!

Avoid that rough skin by moisturizing with your favorite skin product in the morning, after washing your face, and at night before going to bed. My favorite rich, thick, and, oily moisturizer that works for both morning and night cream is the brand "PONDS- Dry Skin Cream" from your local drugstore. PONDS was around $10 in total and you can it apply it any time because it's not specified as a day cream or a night cream.

I also add supplements that are healthy for your skin in the dry temperatures. For example in the winter I add Vitamin A for your skin, eyes, and immune system, as well as Vitamin E for your complexion and to develop flexibility in your skin,this keeps you looking younger. Another supplement I like to use is fish oil for your brain, as well as skin complexion. These three vitamins are a "must" for me!

These tricks make it easier to enhance your inner beauty & make your outer beauty routine simple and manageable in the mornings!

Stay in tip top shape to feel great!

Water, Coffee..... then More Water!

Your body also has a hard time handling this weather change and gets you dehydrated in your daily routine of school, studying or 8 hours of work. On top of your daily routine you add in coffee during your day to stay awake and it ends up just dehydrating you more.This is what I have to say for those that aren't picking up a water bottle more often....

You've heard this before and you'll hear it again....DRINK WATER! Drink your morning coffee, because you're not superwoman, but also drink more water to stay on top of your health. I don't know how many times I've seen all the benefits water has for you. Your body needs about 8 cups a day for your organs to function properly and to flush out the toxin buildup. In the picture below it shows all your problems that could be fixed by adding a water bottle to your diet.


Remedies For Your Body


I've noticed my vision get burry around the holidays as a result to the dryness, so I've also incorporated in my beauty routine eye drops, the ones that lubricate your eyes and are meant as artificial tears,(rather than the one for clearing red eyes!) this makes such an unbelievable difference in your vision if you're suffering from the same problem. I use it about 2-3 times a day!


Moisturize your body! Don't forget your body after the shower is stripped of its natural oils, so you need to make sure you replenish it with a thick moisturizer that works with your skin. An easy fix for this, once again- is your local drugstore lotion that isn't filled with only perfumes, but healthy skin botanicals. Look for quality rather than smell and bottle design!


Hair Frizzy? Once again, stripped from its oils in the shower- try a conditioner as well as a moisturizer after your shower routine! I use SHEA Moisture - Thickening Growth Milk, this stuff is all natural Yucca Plant and Baobab as well as healthy to the max! A benefit is that there is no harsh chemicals. I also suggest a frizz oil control, this locks in the moisture left in the hair strand before it drys out when you go outside.

Choose Health First

Breakdown of foods to enforce in the dry season this year!

Vitamin A for Dryness: * eggs, dark leafy greens- (spinach/kale), milk,carrots, & pumpkin!

Zinc & Iron to Soothe and Reduce Acne: * lean meat- (chicken/fish), fortified breakfast cereals,lentils and nuts.

Omega-3's for dry skin and Vitamin E: (Decreases wrinkles!) *tuna/fish, flax seeds, chia seeds, hemp, and cauliflower


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