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Make a Strong Decision to Lose Weight

Updated on January 31, 2016

Seize Your Moment for Weight Loss.

Do you think about how to lose weight? Have there been some physical clues that you need to do that? Perhaps your pants have tightened a bit in the waist or you cannot wear them at all now. If you want weight loss you will have to get serious about it. Weight loss has to be a "must" in your life. You have to get a conviction that this is it, you simply cannot go on this way any longer. Then grab onto this precious moment of decision and take powerful action.

Let's Face It- Life Is Uncertain.

It is very easy to put off our goals for another day. It brings such a relaxing feeling to just put things off. This will never bring results though. Only taking new action will work. What kind of action? It really is things that you already know. Get on a reasonable eating plan. Work out consistently without expecting overnight results.

Your Mind is Strong So Make a Decision.

Many times our bodies are weak. This is when you need to use a strong mind to make a true decision. The mind can be your best asset when you have made a real decision. A real decision cannot be turned back from. A real weight loss decision is followed by immediate and serious action.

What Intervals Will You Measure Your Progress?

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Take Action Don't Get Caught Up in Nonsense.

One of the problems with procrastination and not starting weight loss programs is getting caught up in nonsense. Being caught up in nonsense is a state of overwhelm where you can't decide what program to do and so you just give up. Don't get caught up in overwhelm. Just get started right away. You can tweak the program later.

Measure Your Progress at Intervals.

Progress can be taken at regular intervals. Some like to do this weekly. Others prefer biweekly or monthly. Write down any progress and emotions that you experience. Your journal will be so valuable to you over time as you look back. You will feel a real fondness for yourself and what you have gone through to get you to that point.

This is how to begin to make a strong decision to lose weight. Realize that procrastination is an enemy of weight loss. Use your strong mind to make a real decision. Do not get overwhelmed but use your strong mind. Measure progress at intervals and continue on until you lose weight.


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