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Make Fast and active Brain : 5 BEST METHODS

Updated on February 5, 2016

Make Your Brain Faster than Ever

In this world of 4G speed, we all do mental work more than Physical. We all need to make our brain active and faster to compete the world smartly . If we have a healthy, active and much faster brain then we can get success in every field.

Here we will discuss some techniques to make our brain Faster and much active

1. Fruits and water

Do you know that maximum percent of water in the body is consumed by BRAIN. It needs fresh and much water to form many body fluids and harmons .Brain also need many vitamins. Hence we should take enough quantity of water and fruits. We should drink at least 1o glass water every day and should take fruit diet at one time a day.

2. Meditation

Meditation clears the all cookies and caches from the brain and makes your mind clean and fresh which increases your brain speed. We should do meditation in early morning for at least 20 minutes.

3.A little Nap during your work

Research has found that a little nap of 20 minutes in your work, refreshes your brain and recharge it back with high speed. Thus we can take a nap in our work time for 20 minutes.

4. Reasoning Questions Solving

There is no doubt that mathematics and problem solving question are the best exercise of mind that makes our brain faster.We all should solve reasoning questions dayly.You can get reasoning questions apps from play store of your mobile.

5. Playing Video games

Now when your parents tell you to not to play video games in your tab or mobile then you must tell them the fact that Video games makes our brain faster and advance.We all should play video games ½ hours a day to make our brain much active

6. Outdoor games and sports

Outdoor games are essential for our physical and mental development if you will play daily any sports then you will be the man of healthy body and mind.If you are a worker then you should plan any sport at least in weekends every week.

7.Being Happy

If you have lots of tensions and you usually feel anxiety or panic then your brain spend will be declined as your brain your its maximum energy to deal with your anxiety. Hence do not take tension and try to be happy always. This will be good for your body and brain health.

Either you are a student , worker , business man or housewife ,you all can make your brain faster by following these steps and can do your work much effectively.


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