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Make-up Overload

Updated on August 29, 2017
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Who gets' to decide when enough is enough?

"Make-up, you say! Make-up looks so darling."

Or does it?

Yes, so you have your blushes, foundations, eye pencils,mascara, blemishes, lipsticks, I mean the list just goes on and on. If you ask me it can get quite exhausting trying to keep up with the proper brands, let alone trying to apply it. However, who gets' to actually decide what looks good and what doesn't ? Who gets' to decide if a person has on way too much foundation or way too much eye shadow?

When you consider the purpose of make-up it was said at one point to mostly be worn by Models or those in the entertainment business mostly. Outside of a professional approach to make-up it used to be sexy or extravagant when worn for a wedding, a gala, or some unique event or outing. It was to be applied lightly but not heavily as in to take away from ones natural beauty and appearance.

At the end of the day there are many pros and cons that would both prove and argue that make-up can be applied too much and take away from the natural skin tone but also that it can enhance or make the skin more appealing. Again, the question still remains, who gets to decide when enough is too much?

Inquiring minds such as my own would really like to know?!

If you are wondering, I too play in make-up mildly as well so you are not alone!


Now, everybody deserves to express themselves the way that they see fit. We have to keep in mind that what is appealing to one soul or personality, just may not be so alluring to another. Just as well as you are able to express yourself in your own fashion sense, you also open yourself up to scrutiny.

When we dig a little deeper, keep in mind I am not here to judge, just reflect and give the mind something to ponder! See, if I came outside with used gum as earrings, you wouldn't like it!

Pros vs. Cons of wearing make-up


  • Entertaining/ Fun
  • Form of expression
  • Sexy
  • Creative


  • Unhealthy for the skin (Breaks you out)
  • Costly
  • Began to feel it's required
  • Takes away from natural beauty
  • Used as a disguise
  • Causes some to become superficial
  • Obsession

"Who makes the final Call?"

Now, back to what I was saying, if wearing make-up is supposed to express how that person is feeling, who gets to decide if they are over doing it? Is that a decision to even be made or is it the opinions that we are left with the decision whether we should share our thoughts or keep them to ourselves? Should we bash that person and make them ball into a shell or should we keep our thoughts to ourselves and leave that person free to conform to whatever it is that they see to be?

Just Enough

Ah yes, now here is just the right amount of make-up applied to her skin. If you look below the neck, you'll see that her foundation accentuates her skin tone. She doesn't have yellowish skin, using pitch black foundation or whatever you call it. i know you've seen exactly what I am talking about a time or two walking down your streets.

Again, who am I to say what is in fact just right or enough?

Question is, are we being real with ourselves or giving others a chance to see our true selves?!


You know goodness well as soon as you seen this you said, " What in the devils flames is that?"

You would be dead on for saying it too because this is a prime example of one the cons you read above. It can having you feeling that it's so required that even when you know you should rub that foolishness off, you wear it anyway. Skin tones don't match, the foundation isn't blended all the way in. Listen, it's off okay! You can't be the skin complexion of Morris Chestnut, wearing make-up the same color Brittany Spears would wear. That just doesn't make sense to a lot of us, but left again to answer the lingering question.


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© 2017 Renee Watson


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    • profile image

      Tarsha 4 months ago

      Trudy Danvers lmao I agree

    • profile image

      Herman 4 months ago

      Interesting Hub page.

    • Sbwatts30 profile image

      Renee Watson 4 months ago from Maryland

      Hey Tarsha,

      Great question as well as opinion.

      I am curious to know others thoughts and opinions on exactly that!

    • profile image

      Tarsha 4 months ago

      I love this topic on Make-up I feel however you apply it that's your business once you look in the mirror if it suits you then own it Honey....I have a question. If you like wearing make-up and you apply it dramatically is it a everyday thing for you or do you tone it down when needed? Question applies to those who love their make-up spunky and dramatic.....or you can give opinion on how and when you should tone it down

    • profile image

      Trudy Danvers 4 months ago

      Funny, informative, in a whimsical kind of way. Loved it! But yes we can judge cus if they walk out looking like Pennywise, their party is over!!! Lol ... Jk... or Am I?