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Make your own yogurt - lactose free

Updated on February 26, 2012
Lactose free yogurt - tastes so good!
Lactose free yogurt - tastes so good!

It's so easy and tastes so good!

I have known for years that I am sensitive to lactose - actually since the birth of my first child. Over the years I think I got more sensitive and not too long ago I tried a diet which worked very well, but was based on eating a lot of whole wheat. I learned the hard way that I am sensitive to gluten as well.....being one of the many who suffer from Celiac Disease. Luckily I am not on the severe end. Still I did not want to go through what I have been through during the trial of that diet - ending up with severe cramping and diarrhea. It took me a while to get better.

So I decided to switch to lactose free milk. I never used much milk anymore, just for my cereals and in my coffee or tea. It went well. But I wanted to go a step further while still being able to have more diary products without worries. - I like yogurt, but can only eat a limited amount and I have never come across lactose free yogurt in the regular stores.

So I looked into getting my own machine to make my own yogurt. Then I did some research online and learned that you read everywhere making yogurt with lactose free milk will not work. I wasn't really happy about it, still I did not see any reason not to try. So I went ahead and did some research on yogurt making machines. I ended up buying one very affordable.

While waiting to get the machine I did some research on yogurt ferment. Expensive. But I knew that my mother just used regular yogurt many years ago, when she made the yogurt herself and I never liked that yogurt - it was bitter. Still, I wanted to try again - it's been so many years and my taste has changed somewhat.

I got my yogurt maker and went ahead. I bought a greek yogurt for starter (yes, regular) but used lactose free milk, and even dared to use the low fat 2% milk. I never liked the low fat yogurts from the stores, no matter which one I tried. From the first set of yogurts I kept one to use it as a starter instead of buying a new yogurt.

The result - amazing!!! First of all, unlike I read everywhere on the internet it worked really well with the lactose free milk. I don't taste the difference of the low fat at all - it is creamy and smooth. And I guess since lactose free milk has a sweeter taste than regular milk (for whatever reason)the yogurt has no bitter taste at all. I never liked any yogurt as much as this one. Actually my favorite way to eat it is with a small amount of sugar - and that's it!!! The smooth texture and taste is so good that I don't really want to add any other flavor to it.

My boyfriend loves the yogurt, too, much more than any yogurt from the store. And when my son tried it he was amazed as well! So, forget about all the talking that lactose free milk would not work - it does and it does work extremely well!!! I don't think it really matters which yogurt maker you buy, but I am very happy with the very affordable Total Chef yogurt maker. I like the fact that the jars are glass and not plastic. I am afraid that plastic containers get food burn residue over time.

So, when are you starting making your own yogurt? It is easy, fast and much cheaper even with the lactose free milk, which costs about $5.50 a gallon! And I can eat without worrying about lactose. I guess my next project should be to find a way to make lactose free cheese...I love cheese!!!!!!!!!!!


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    • beadreamer247 profile image

      beadreamer247 5 years ago from Zephyrhills, FL

      Snowdrops, if you love yogurt...then try homemade, even if it's without lactose free milk. It tastes so much better! The interesting thing though with lactose free milk seems to be that this milk has a sweeter taste to it and therefore you won't get the strong bitterness in the taste, that some people don't like. And I believe it is cheaper, too. A yogurt machine can be purchased for around $25.00

    • snowdrops profile image

      snowdrops 5 years ago from The Second Star to the Right

      Yogurt.. i always buy yogurt on a grocery store. it's yummy and i love it.

      Great hub! Voted up and all!