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Making Fiber Palatable

Updated on April 28, 2008

Fiber for the masses

Making Fiber Palatable

With all the talk of the benefits of a high fiber diet there are still plenty of people turning a blind eye or rather, deaf ear. We are just not listening. We prefer processed bakery goods. There are plenty of whole grain roughage infused breads, cookies and crackers, but recently major brands have introduced especially tasty treats to the scene. Even with catchy slogans that promise your fiber will dissolve into clear nothing, we are resistant. But what if there is truth in marketing? What if at least some of the claims are true? Let's start with the easiest to both see and believe. FiberSure really does dissolve completely, if you follow the directions. Just add one teaspoon to at least four ounces of water and Wha-la, gone, clear. Taste free, as well. The same is true with Benefiber. Both these products are white powders (inulin/wheat dextrin) that can be added to any liquid, thereby increasing the fiber content of your favorite foods. Easy enough to swallow, yes? Check out some to the recent additions to the water additives which offer vitamins, minerals, fiber and more.

On to bars ( as in breakfast, snack, and granola), crackers and breads. I have included just a few of my favorite pantry items, but I love plenty that are not shown, especially Kashi cookies, cereals and meals, which have varying amounts of fiber in great tasting whole grain food. Oro-Wheat, with lots of varieties in the bakery section, now has sliced bread with six grams of fiber per slice. Now we can increase fiber in our everyday meals, sandwiches, snack crackers (All-Bran), granola bars and cereal (Fiber One), and pasta (Ronzoni). This is the short list.

We already know about fruits and veggies, beans (legumes) and whole grains. The market has opened up to increase both fiber consumption and taste experience. Take a moment. Read a label. Some of your favorite brand may already be increasing your fiber toward the recommended 25 - 38 grams a day.

Here's to your health.

High Fiber Foods

A few of my favorite things
A few of my favorite things


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