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Making Room for Presence: 3 Simple Tips for Busy People

Updated on March 9, 2013
A Busy Street Corner
A Busy Street Corner | Source

We’re in a day and age where most of us find it difficult to not be ruled by the demands on our time, a day and age where the penchant for checking off items in an endless checklist is not uncommon. Naturally, we would think that we do not have opportunity to give quality time for ourselves and to have enriching experiences, but these short and simple tips can show you otherwise.

Tip # 1.

At work in the office or at home doing house chores, in between or while in the middle of a task, take a brief pause and check for how your body feels. Just bring the feeling into your awareness. An important guideline would be not to try to “solve the problem” of how your body is feeling. Mere acceptance can transmute the feeling into stillness.

Do this as often as you can while you are busy with your daily routine. Some people may consider using a timer to remind them to check in on their body feeling. This might work for you. In my case, I think this may just create additional noise as I am already using a timer to monitor other activities. It may also give the practice a more free-flowing, carefree quality if you allow yourself to just perform the practice as frequently as you remember to.

This practice can also develop your capacity to, not only think with your mind, but to think with your body as well.

A lengthier procedure for getting in touch with the inner body is discussed by Eckhart Tolle in his book, “The Power of Now.”

Tip # 2.

When not engaged with your daily routine, for example during your commute, walking to the train station or talking with friends during your break, bring your awareness back into your immediate experience. What in your immediate environment caught your fancy? With your attention and openness, even a simple thing as a blade of grass invokes humility, reverence and wonder.

(Reviving the Sacred: A Poem might help you arrive at your own insights.)

Every event is sacred. You have the power through your attention to contact the sacred, Soul hidden behind every Event.

Tip # 3.

Pay attention to your breathe. This can be done for the length of time, for a couple of breathes, allowed in between or in the middle of tasks.

As you practice any of the tips above and feel any sense of negativity, simply accept that as well. Every experience is an opportunity for learning acceptance of the moment, of things just as they are, and developing Presence.


In as short as a couple of days, you should be feeling a certain lightness or joyfulness despite your continuing to have the same amount of work or demands on your schedule. As you consistently practice over 21 days, it would have developed into a habit.

You have awakened Presence or brought more awareness or consciousness into your daily living. Ego (i.e., the false sense of self) has somehow receded and its accompanying pain body (e.g. usually felt as tightness in certain parts of the body) has weakened its hold on you.

We can then bring Presence to our everyday interactions with family and friends, and be its ambassador to the world. Bringing Presence, with its own sacred kind of joy, peace and love, could be our greatest gift to humanity.

During Less Hectic Days

On less hectic weekends, you may want to get into the practice of meditation, which is also a tool for developing Presence. You may consider exploring the steps described for doing a silent sitting mediation at Prayer beyond Thoughts: Turning Meditation into a Daily Routine .


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