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Making Time For The Exercise

Updated on July 16, 2014

Finding Time To Exercise

With all of the pressures from work and family we find ourselves cutting our healthy choices short. One way for us to be healthy is to have regular exercise in our diets. Some have an easier time than others in creating the space for movement. Getting exercise is one of the easiest ways to be healthy. The cost is low. There is not need for an expensive gym membership, even in very cold climate places. You do not need to buy treadmills, weights and exercise equipment that will be costly. Fitting exercise and healthy movement in your daily life can be easy and cost effective if you are on a budget.

The goal is to create a happy healthy habit for everyday. There are things you can add to just adjust to your regular routine that will give you additional movement.

People are always are surprised how their everyday activity will count towards exercise. Finding stairs at work, or if you already have them at home work great. A few times up and down those and your heart will be getting in shape. If you go shopping at big stores, super walmarts, costco, bj, etc, try walking teh box, go around the store in the main isle which will take you in a square. This is great for winter months where the weather is harsh and cold out. Stopping frequently does not help so try to not browse. Do your shopping then do a round around the square.

Finding these kinds of opportunities will help not feeling overwhelmed when looking for ways to exercise. Start of slow when this concept of exercise is new and allow your body to become accustom to the new activity. It will also help with the psychological aspect of starting to exercise. Knowing you can fit movement into the day you already have will help not feeling overwhelmed with your new routine.

Places to exercise for free

Too often we find ourselves looking at ads and buildings saying that if we were serious about our health and exercise we would pay money to join them and work out there. That not only ads to your budget costs but it also ads time to your already packed day. Not many people have the time to add yet another place to stop and change, workout, change again and then go back to their day. If you are lucky enough to have a company gym then that can help but unless it is free it still ads to your day and finances.

Almost every playground has a walking area. If you have children and they enjoy playing at such structures still take them and walk while they play. This will not only help you exercise but hopefully tire them too. As they get old enough they will learn that daily exercise is important and can easily be part of the families routine. If you work or live near a mall those make great walking places. Some are even made to have floors which are easy on the feet for walkers. Also, they can open doors and allow walkers to be in the building while the stores are still closed. In Albany, NY their mall was constructed to that the floors were made for all the walkers who walked the mall daily. They also opened the mall before ten so that people could walk without shoppers strolling through the mall.

Stairs are always an easy one. No matter where you are going, find them and use them. This is sure to get the heart pumping. Choose to use the stairs when walking into offices, to pick up the kids, shopping, skip the escalator.

If it is winter and you are looking to continue your walking routine but you do not shop at the mall try Walmart, Target, BJ's and Costco. They all have a square built into the stores design. Follow the square and walk around it. This will work better of course with less shoppers so I would not try this in the middle of holiday shopping season. Weekends would be a good time to take a break as well. Most stores open early and stay open throughout the evening.

Take a walk in the park. If you live near a park try walking through it. Parks are usually a good place to find others who are walking for exercise as well. Finding someone who is doing the same activity as you helps create a community and support. Even if you only see these folks while on trail at a particular time it can be a support system.

Your home is a great place to workout. Just speed everything up while you do it so that you can get your heart rate up. If you are washing dishes, try making sure you stand perfectly straight to work on core muscles in the stomach. If you are picking up toys or clothes do it with style. Every time you pick something up do a lunge for your legs. If you are playing with the kids on the floor, lay back and do some crunches. If you have books in the house, pick up a couple of good sized ones and place them on your for-arm and do some curls, quickly. If your books are light them use a pot of pan.

Share your routine

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Do not feel discouraged about your ability to be active. Some people find it east to get started and others find it more of a challenge. The less amount of physical activity you have been doing recently the more difficult it will be to begin a new routine. If you are beginning from new, having little to no activity, I mean getting up, showering, eating then sitting on the couch until bed then starting off with small milestones is vital to the continuation of the routine.

If you beginning without any current activity then begin slow, real slow. Set goals that are attainable. Unless you can afford to have a special trainer with you, organizing your time, exercise, food etc you need to be able to accomplish the goals you set for yourself. Set your first goals to be that you leave the house at least once during the day. Go to the grocery store, run and errand, get gas, walk to the mail box. Just leave the house for more than fifteen minutes a day. Do that for about a week or two depending on how you feel it is going. Remember do not move too fast. Make sure you feel that you have accomplished a goal. If not then later down the line you will not feel as though you have 'earned' where you are, not really doing anything, it will give you less ownership over your journey. If you are someone who is already active but you want to create a dependable time for you to exercise then you goals will begin in a different place. If you work out of the home, in the home then your activity is movement but you just need to establish a more set routine. Try by finding stairs where available, on the way to the office, etc. Take a pair of walking shoes to work and during lunch, force yourself to take one and go for a walk. Too many times people work through their lunches and that is a wonderful time to relax, re-energize ourselves and finish out our work day. Take your lunches. Do not rush to eat, avoid fast food. Take your lunch to work, school, etc. Fix something light and easy to digest. Eating a triple decker hamburger is not easily digested. That meal will make you lethargic, it contains fat that will sit with you all day, it will not help you finish out your day with strength. When packing your lunch be sure to pack a dessert. That is right! Do not deprive yourself of things you enjoy, just do it in moderation. Instead of eating twenty pieces of candy pack on and only have one small piece of candy. After eating your lunch put on those shoes and begin walking around. Take a walk around the block, take in the scenery around your office. I bet most of the time you just walk, drive right up and in through those doors without noticing what is really around you. Who knows, you might find a great place for lunch for those days your treat yourself, a cute shop to do quick holiday shopping to and from work.

  • Take small steps to establish routine
  • Before moving on to the next step make sure you have accomplished your first goal
  • Look for exercise within your daily activity
  • Eat healthy to help the exercise instead of exercising to block bad eating habits

Eating Healthy

Eating healthy is crucial to keeping your weight at a healthy point. This does not mean you should deprive yourself of things you love to eat. It also does not mean you should skip meals, that is actually the worst thing you can do when trying to keep healthy and maintaining good healthy habits.

While picking foods that will help you stay healthy also include those foods that make you feel comfortable and are tasty. As stated early when talking about lunch, always give yourself a piece of dessert, small but something you enjoy and will remind you that you are not starving yourself but trying to stay healthy. Then on occasions just go out to eat and enjoy something at favorite eating spot. Keep your portions small for everything and this will help the exercising work better. If you just have to eat red meat then make them very small and eat with it a salad. Even those who are not fans of salad can find something that will not be too undesirable. For afternoon snacks try a small serving of nuts and baby carrots. Baby carrots are sweet and will fill that need for an afternoon candy bar. Also, humus and any kinds of dip vegetable will work. Again, small servings because the humus does contain fat but this will be a nice filling snack in the afternoon to keep you going before dinner. Remember more snacks throughout the day are healthier than just one or two meals.

eat many healthy snacks
Identify stress
do not forget dessert
Find release, i.e. exercise, reading
small portions
Visual meditation

Stress and Exercise

When exercising and eating right it is also important to keep stress and how it affects you under control. Everyone has stress, work, school, finances, relationships, etc. The thing is to keep stress under control, have it help you not work against you.

When stress is taking over your life find a way to help relieve it. Each person works on stress differently. Some prefer to exercise, some individuals like to write, read, take a calm walk. Others might prefer to sit by the pool or beach and just let their thoughts take them to a better place. Find the way you can take control of your stress. If stress is overwhelming then exercise or finding time to exercise will just add to that stress. The idea of adding exercise to your life is to do it in a way that does not add more stress to your life.

When finding time to exercise begin with your already full day. Look at the activities you do and see if you can some sort of exercise to the activity. If you are starting a routine for the first time begin slowly, do not rush into a routine which has expectations that are too high for you to be successful. From those small steps begin to move on with bigger challenges.

Look for places for you to exercise for free. Everyone is on a budget these days. Not everyone can afford a treadmill or gym membership. Plus those things can come later after you have established you can hold onto a routine.

Be sure and eat healthy. Do not skip meals or deprive yourself of food that you enjoy. Eat so that it works with the exercise, not against it.

Be sure to keep stress down as much as possible. Stress keeps weight on us and can contribute to diet and exercising not being as successful as possible.


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    • Lori P. profile image

      Lori Phillips 

      4 years ago from Southern California USA

      Great hub! Voted up! We never found time to exercise until two weeks ago when we made a pact to wake up early and start our day at the gym. It's so great to get it over with first thing in the morning. It energizes us for the rest of the day and doesn't impact our schedules in the least bit. Plus, we watch the morning news there or plug in to listen to our music. Quite pleasant!


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