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Making Your Baby Registry Work For You

Updated on July 27, 2011
$279.99 is the full cost of this crib. After you 15% off its $238! Saving you about $42!
$279.99 is the full cost of this crib. After you 15% off its $238! Saving you about $42! | Source


Babies"R"us was the best experience I had registering for baby gifts. Something that really stuck out to me is their discount policy. Any item that you register for that is not purchased for you can be purchased by you for 15% off! So go registry crazy and register for everything you need even if you know nobody will buy it for you. For example, you know that crib that you saw and fell in love with but is just out of your price range? Register for it! You can go back and buy it for yourself.

This baby swing is $46
This baby swing is $46 | Source


Another great discounted baby registry is Amazon. They offer a one time 10% discount on items on your registry 30 days before your due date. They do have some exceptions though. Not all items will appear on this discount program and the registry must be active for 14 days before using the discount program. To spite this, it its a great opportunity for you to do some shopping before the baby gets here without paying full price for everything, because let's face it, babies are expensive!

Register Everywhere!

The more places you register the more you will save, even places like Target that don't have discount programs still give coupons and samples to the soon to be moms that register. So go all out and register everywhere. Target, Walmart, Burlington all have registries and depending on which ones you go to most of them give you baggies full of diaper samples and coupons, store discount coupons and much much more!

Baby Supplies For Your Registry


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