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Making an investment in yourself is the best way forward

Updated on July 14, 2015

Investing in yourself is the best way to get ahead in life. Sure, you may be spending time or money now that you may feel you don't have, but the payback down the road is well worth the effort or expense today.


The first investment that you should make in yourself is you health. After all, if you don't have your health you won't be able to spend all the riches that you will accumulate!

You only get one body, one shot in your don't mess it up.

Here are some of the things you need to do:

  • Eat clean - lots of fruit, vegetables and lean meats. Cut out processed junk and ensure that your body is getting the nutrients it needs. If you put good in, you will get good out. If you put rubbish in, you will get rubbish out.
  • Exercise daily - this doesn't mean destroying your body. It just means getting active and moving your body around so that you don't get lazy. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Ensure you get a good mix of cardio and strength training in.
  • Ge yourself checked out for common issues in your age bracket. This means that if you are due a prostate exam, get it done. If you are due to get your breasts checked...get it done. Unfortunately, modern living has meant that we are prone to diseases due to our lifestyles, and certain illnesses don't care if you are good or bad. Early diagnosis can mean that you can have a better chance of curing anything you may have.


The second investment that you should make should make in yourself should be in your skills.

I find there are two approaches, well three if you combine them, to increasing your skills:

  1. Concentrate on your weaknesses. So find out what your not so good at, whether it be public speaking or mental arithmetic, and spend at least 30 mins a day practicing it. 30 mins may seem a lot, but over the course of a day it shouldn't be too difficult. Just combine it with whatever you are doing throughout your daily routine. Once you have been focusing on your weaknesses, you will soon realise that other aspects of your life that you are struggling with will get more easier to cope has a dominos effect.
  2. Concentrate on your strengths. It seems that nowadays, people always tell you to concentrate on improving your shortfalls. Obviously this is good advice, however, I can see benefit on playing to your strengths. After all, why shouldn't you capitalise on what you are already great at? You are more likely to get ahead on an amazing attribute! So become the best at what you are good at and you will realise that you are already an amazing person.
  3. Do both...whilst playing to your strengths, realise that you can combine your strengths and weaknesses and realise that by combining them they will be challenged enough to grow and improve.

In conclusion

So there you have it - invest in your health and skills and you are investing in a longer and hopefully happier future. There are many things that are outside of our control, but there are also many things that are easily within our control, and taking daily steps starting from now will ensure we move forward.

Investing doesn't have to be in monetary terms, and when investing with money, it doesn't have to be your typical buying and selling of shares. A good mentor course can help you create a better version of yourself, and 5k spent improving yourself can mean a payback of 10k a year going forward! That is the power of investing in yourself, you are not limited to what you can achieve. Perpetual improvement, as I like to call it, is ensuring that you better yourself everyday.

Go for a run and get fitter, fix your diet to eat healthier and focus on your strengths and weaknesses to improve yourself today and forever into the future.


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    • thumbi7 profile image

      JR Krishna 2 years ago from India

      Nice one