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Male Menopause? No such thing...However!

Updated on March 16, 2016
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An author who believes in freedom of speech and being opinionated. A great gift is having a will and the courage to enact.

Male Menopause? What Menopause?

In these so called modern times where a statement, or a description of the so called 'Male Menopause' has arisen, it beggars belief as to how many people can see this as a true and just condition. In essence,the adult male entering the twilight stages of his existence. Can it be seen, as in my opinion, a feeble excuse? An excuse to carry on the personal portrayal of the seemingly 'Alpha Male' appearances that is found in SOME, males but not all ?

I shall explain that context in a sense, is that the males who find themselves in this 'Menopausal' state, are the affluent ones. The ones who have never felt, or tasted hardships, true hardships, which comes with being poor, genuinely poor, and saddled with a total lack of opportunities. I suppose in a way, when you hear of the sayings 'poor in spirit' or 'poor but happy' can be an indicator, and can be a contributory to the male menopause. More specifically, the affluent males, are the ones who are the ones hanging on, by their expensive suits and shirt tails. Hanging on to their faultering and wavering belief in themselves, as vanity hits home.

Rich Pickings....

The expensive clothing, hair styling, expensive fast cars, jewellery in some cases, circle of friends? Could these be excuses for continual self indulgence, and merit accusations of greed, vanity, and pride? Hey but if that's what they want good luck to them. For all of their rich pickings and day to day lives, would it be wrong to say that an extremely high percentage of people would say that money cannot buy Love? Could this statement possibly be the statement of the centuries? It would appear so, and that this is felt by most, to be true.

Me, like 98% of the population run by the other 2% am happy with what I have, which is Fivefold, Love, Happiness, Good Health, Family, and Faith. Worth quite a few flashy suits and cars. I am not an angry or jealous fella at all, just being honest, and giving an opinionated view. If people out there were to be honest, regarding the so called 'Male Menopause' they would, and should understand my pointers. Whether they agree is up to them?

"I hope that 'Candy Striped' summer jacket doesn't look daft on me when the good weather comes in"?


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