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Male Model Workout

Updated on September 17, 2012
Aric Suddicky
Aric Suddicky | Source

Men are supposed to be tough! It is cliché to think fit men should carry a body full of muscle mass and resemble a body like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Unless a person is willing to subject themselves to illegal steroids and assume the bodybuilding lifestyle, Arnold is not a realistic fitness icon for the majority of men around the globe.

Whether willing to admit it or not, most men have envied the bodies of male models and professional athletes alike. Women adore a man with a lean figure and shredded abs. So how do these men get their ripped bodies? Simple, they follow a male model workout!

A basic knowledge of weightlifting exercises should be acquired by males seeking to sculpt their body like a swimsuit model. The beauty of the male model workout is that any weight lifting exercise can be implemented into the program. The basis of the program simply sets perimeters, to gain an intended result (here it is the male model shredded look). As long as the seeking male sticks to the aforementioned guidelines, works out hard, follows a healthy diet, and monitors their daily results, they should get the results that they’ve been longing for and women adore.

Step One - Schedule Time

The first thing in creating a male model workout is time commitment. Men need to be able to commit to at least three days a week to working out, on this program, in order to be successful. Because much devotion and time is spent getting the billboard look, I recommend four or five days per week. Getting in shape doesn’t happen overnight. The more devotion and time a man gives, the faster they will reach their fitness goals.

If just beginning an exercise routine, the first thing needed is to carefully schedule a workout time. If a person is accustomed to using a planner or palm pilot, they should pen in a workout time, each week, at a time that they can realistically commit to. They should make sure these days are scheduled out months in advance until working out becomes as routine as brushing their teeth before bedtime. Having the workout scheduled on paper helps mentally prepare someone that they are making a commitment to fitness.

Step Two - Breaking it Down

Each male model workout needs to be broken down into two phases. They are the cardio phase and the lifting weights/toning phase. These phases should be executed in the order in which they are listed. Because these two phases are combined into every workout, it is important to plan on taking at least an hour worth of time working out. The workout is carefully time calibrated so if a person decides to skimp on either one of the phases, they are only cheating themselves. More importantly, they will not gain the look of a male model because the workout is only successful when combining the two phases together. More than an hour tells me that the person is either not working out hard enough or they are over training their body. If done properly, the person doing the workout should be exhausted in an hour’s time. Broken down into an hour, the male model workout is: 35 minutes of cardio, 25 minutes of weights.

Step Three - Enduring the Cardio Phase

Because male models reflect a ripped and toned figure, much emphasis should be on the cardio phase. This explains why the cardio phase is listed first, ten additional minutes are devoted to this phase, and the cardio phase is done before the weights/toning phase.

There are plenty modes of cardio available now days. If using the male model workout as a beginner, I recommend using an elliptical trainer, stationary or recumbent bike, cross trainer, or walking on a treadmill with an incline of at least 6 %. If the person doesn’t have access to a gym or cardio equipment, power walking out doors will suffice. Try to find a route with steady hills.

Depending upon a person’s level of fitness, the above referenced cardio streams should be followed for at least a month. The ultimate goal is to move into more intense modes of cardio such as rowers, Arc Trainers, vertical climbers, Stairmasters, and treadmills for running. Again, if there is no access to a gym or cardio equipment, implement jumping rope, running outside, or running up and down stairs. For more advanced and already fit individuals willing to give the male model workout a try, begin with the more advanced cardio streams and skip the first month of less intense modes.

In order to get results, cardio needs to be executed between 50% and 75% of a person’s maximum heart rate. This needs to be sustained throughout the entire 35 minute cardio phase. I recommend switching the mode of cardio each and every time that a person performs the male model workout. This tricks the body and never allows the SAID principle (Specific Adaption to the Imposed Demand) to set in. In other words, the cardio will be more efficient in burning calories if switched every time. For the male model workout, I do not recommend doing one week of the treadmill, the next week on the Stairmaster, third week on the rower, etc. Also, do not split the 35 minutes of cardio between multiple machines. Pick one machine a day, do it hard for 35 minutes, and move onto the weights/toning phase.

Step Four - Push and Pull

There is something in male’s testosterone that fires them up when they hear weights banging together. That’s why the lifting weights/toning phase is the most enjoyed aspect of the male model workout.

The lifting/toning phase should consist of a full-body workout and be broken down into a push day and a pull day. In other words, one day is full of doing pushing exercises and the next day is full of doing pulling exercises. A good example schedules the male model workout doing push exercises on Monday’s and Thursday’s, pull exercises on Tuesday’s and Friday’s. Sunday, Wednesday, and Saturday are rest days, however, cardio can be implemented on Wednesday’s for maximum results. If Wednesday is used for a cardio day, I recommend an entire hour.

How Much Weight?

. Like mentioned above, any exercise may be used in the male model workout as long as it follows the following guidelines:

Male model workout uses weights that are at 75% of a person’s 1RM, or one-rep-max. The weights should be lifted in a full range of motion and exhaling should consist on the exertion point of the exercise. The exertion is when muscles contract during the lifting movement.

Rep Range

In order to get the lean, ripped look, reps need to be kept in the 12-15 range. If using 75% of a person’s 1RM, the person performing the exercise should be tiring out by their 15th rep. If the person is not tiring out by the 15th rep, they are simply using a weight that is too light. Here, the weight needs to be increased. If the person performing the exercise is tiring out at 10 reps, the weight is too heavy and should be lowered for the next set.

16 Sets to Success

Speaking of sets, the male model workout consists of 16 sets of exercises. So what exactly does this mean? This means that if it is a push day, 16 sets of pushing exercises need to be broken down to include the entire body. This could mean four exercises of four sets each, eight exercises of two sets each, etc. Try to keep an even count of upper and lower body exercises. If anything, do more sets of lower body exercises as opposed to upper body exercises. Lower body exercises release more testosterone and burn more calories.


Next is the tempo of the exercise, or the speed of the movement. Every exercise is considered three dimensional. This simply means that there are three movements to performing every exercise.

For a visual, think of the barbell bench press. When someone performs a rep, they first need to un-rack the bar from the bench and square the weight over their chest. Next, the person lowers the weight to their chest. This is what is called the eccentric portion of the exercise, or the elongation of the muscles. If the bar is completely lowered to the chest and paused, this would be the isometric portion of the exercise. Here, there is no movement but the muscles are being strained just to hold the weight from collapsing onto the person’s chest. Finally, the weight is lifted away from the chest and the muscles are contracted. This is known as the concentric portion of the exercise. So there you have it, the three phases of an exercise’s movement is the eccentric, isolated, and concentric.

I explain the three dimensional aspect because it is important in understanding the tempo of the exercise. In relation to the male model workout, the tempo should stay at a 2-1-1. This means that it should take two seconds on the eccentric, one second on the isolation, and one second on the concentric. Going back to the bench press example, two seconds should be spent lowering the bar to the chest, one second pause at the deepest point of the exercise, and one second raising the bar back to arms fully extended. Now take the 2-1-1 method, and apply it to every exercise in the male model workout. This will build muscle while working up a sweat at the same time.

Rest Intervals

Finally, in wrapping up the male model workout, it’s important to keep track of rest time in between sets. For this program, I recommend 30-40 seconds of rest in between sets. This is important because it is necessary to keep the heart rate up and pushing the body into an anaerobic state. When the body is in an anaerobic state, it simply means that it is performing without oxygen. This causes catabolism and puts the body into a fat burning mode. This is one of the secrets to getting shredded and toned all at the same time.


Recap of the male model workout perimeters:

1) Should schedule at least 3 days/week for an hour time.

2) Cardio for 35 minutes; Weights for 25 Minutes.

3) Divide weight training days into push and pull days.

4) Weight lifting at 75% of a person’s 1 rep max.

5) 16 Sets of exercises, encompassing the entire body (suggested 8 upper-body, 8 lower-body).

6) 12-15 reps each set.

7) Tempo of 2-1-1

8) 30-40 sec rest in between sets.

Done :-) Should only take about an hour time!

Get Shredded

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    • jaybird22 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from New York

      Thanks for your comments Cliff! Good luck!

    • Cliff Mendrez profile image

      Cliff Mendrez 

      6 years ago from Philippines

      I've been doing ripptoe's starting strength for some time now but I severely lack in the cardio department. I guess I should motivate myself more to hit those treadmill and stationary bike. Good hub!


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