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Male Model Workout And Diet

Updated on April 12, 2014

The look that is getting all the female attention these days is that of the male fitness model and magazine cover guy. Not too bulky, athletic looking and a defined six pack to finish things off. Are you looking to achieve this kind of physique? Yes?

Well, it can be done as long as you follow the right male model workout and diet program consistently. In this article we will cover the key fundamentals to getting in serious shape so you can get more admiring glances in the gym and on the beach with the body you've always desired.

Male Model Workout And Diet Tips:

- Workout routine - Ideally the body fat percentage you will need to achieve should be around the 10% mark. At this level you will be displaying fantastic definition plus a serious six pack. Coming down further into the single figures body fat level will be a great bonus for you and can be done with the right discipline. Hit the cardio with HIIT (high intensity interval training) as this will burn more fat in less time than steady state long and boring cardio. Build up your interval bursts slowly over time and 20 - 30 minutes per cardio session is more than adequate when done correctly.

- Full body workout - 3 times per week hit the weights hard with a full body workout and to get that solid look of the male model keep the rest in between sets to a maximum of 60 seconds. Stretch every session to prevent injury. Leave at least 72 - 96 hours between each work out otherwise your body will not have fully recovered from your previous session.

- You are what you eat - Do you honestly think that these magazine and fitness models are junk food junkies? No, they are serious about the foods they eat as it determines how they look. Aim to keep protein high, carbs in the low glycemic category and fats around 20% of your calorific intake. Eat 5 - 7 small meals per day as each meal will give your metabolism a boost and you'll get lean quicker. Allow yourself some junk/fast food treats occasionally as this will keep you on track and believe it or not due to the leptin in your body it will speed up the fat loss process.

Male Model Workout And Diet Conclusion:

Depending on where you are at now in your fitness and body fat levels will determine how quick you can achieve your desired physique. Consistency and discipline by following the above guidelines is the key here for best results. Plan your meals and work outs by using a 7 day planner because if "you fail to plan you plan to fail" and this can be one of your keys to success with this male model workout and diet programme. Getting a male fitness model physique is easy when you know how.

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