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Male yeast infections|Male Yeast infection Cure

Updated on June 18, 2011

Concerned about male yeast infection?

"If I have had sex with my girlfriend do I risk getting a yeast infection? I thought yeast infections were only a female problem?" you may ask.

Yes, unfortunately you can, particularly if you are not using a condom. Your girlfriend can pass her disease on to you through sexual intercourse, but generally speaking it is not that common fortunately. It is a good idea for both of you to be treated, so you don't keep re-infecting one another.

Other causes of male yeast infections

If one has a low or impaired immune system-such as H.I.V patients-one also runs the risk of getting yeast infections.

Another way men get yeast infection is through using spermicides (chemicals that kill sperm) on their condoms etc. Nonoxynol-9 found in the lubricants causes a rash in both male and female genitals, which then makes them more prone to yeast infection. So best to use condoms without the spermicide.

The use of antibiotics for lengthy periods can be another cause. The problem is that the antibiotics might succeed in suppressing the yeast infection, but they also kill all the good bacteria. Most doctors will warn you against taking Nizoral (ketaconazole) if you have liver disease.

A final point: if you have mercury amalgam fillings or have problems with mercury poisoning check that out,because the mercury poisoning symptoms can be like yeast infections symptoms.

What are the symptoms of male yeast infection?

Well, these can be a red-colored rash at the head of the penis, along with an itch and a white discharge. A doctor's check-up is advisable, as the symptoms are similar to those of herpes.

Natural treatments for male yeast infection-alternatives to Monistat?

Doctors will commonly prescribe an over-the-counter remedy such as Monistat treatment, or a drug like diflucan. A yeast infection diet and advice on foods to eat to assist in your male yeast infection treatment can be found in the link below, but, in general, if you reduce your sugar and alcohol intake this will speed up your recovery substantially; having natural yogurt on a regular basis is also useful in helping prevent the yeast infection recurring. dipping yourself in a sitz bath for ten minutes ,with a few drops of white vinegar added to it as a "douche", is also beneficial.

With recurrent male yeast infection symptoms, or the more serious systemic variety of yeast infection, it is our suggestion you try but by all means go to your doctor and get his/her opinion:you are likely to be prescribed something like diflucan as I said though, plus the embarrassment factor! And the issue may not be resolved in the long term by these treatments anyway).

Linda Allen whose Yeast Infection No more is Reviewed for you here goes into detail with practical well-researched steps, including natural herbal remedies, that you can take immediately, and will help you get to the root of the male candidiasis as well as to regain health and ease of living -that you may feel you had lost forever.

Male yeast infection cure

In addition, if you have symptoms of fatigue, bloating, and your brain feels "all foggy", it may be that you need to consider a full detox to get rid of all the elements and toxins that are inhibiting your body from utilizing its God-given, innate self-healing ability. A personal recommendation is Optimal Health Network- let Kristina Amelong show you how to get cleansed from all the toxins that accumulate over time in our bodies -toxins like pesticides,herbicides and other poisons that accumulate in the colon and liver and rob us of optimal health.

I found the coffee enemas particularly healthy and I talk about how they helped with my condition in my post on natural detox with coffee enemas .If you follow the program regarding diet etc put forward by Linda Allen in Yeast Infection No more , and use coffee enemas if you have chronic symptoms of toxic buildup, then you will begin noticing the benefits almost immediately! Your energy will return, for starters. Candida can also exist in other body organs, sometimes with dangerous results. You will learn to get rid of that too!

To learn more about Yeast Infection No More Check out This Review


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