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Pilates Exercise Equipment

Updated on August 16, 2012

Pilates is a great way to tone down and to get in shape. It certainly is not a new concept. Pilates was developed by a man from Germany, Joesph Pilates. By 2005, there were over 11 million people who practice Pilates regularly. What is the theory behind Pilates? Joesph Pilates called his exercises " contrology" meaning the mind has control over the body. His exercises improved flexibility and strength in the body. Little did he know he would inspire infinite types of Pilates to be improved upon or tweaked by other instructors. As a result there are several types of Pilates and Pilates chairs. Here you will learn a little about Malibu Pilates, Winsors Pilates and Stott Pilates. Malibu Pilates offers several types of exercise equipment to help you with your fitness goals. Malibu Pilates offer Pilates chairs, Pilates DVDs and much more. Check here to see the latest in Malibu Pilates, Winsor Pilates and Stotts Pilates fitness.

What is Malibu Pilates? It was developed by Carrol Krieff, a workout trainer to the stars. She began her own pilates shop in Malibu. Pilates was a very new concept at the time she opened her workout center. She discovered that the pilates stretching exercises gave her a strong dance like body and not a bulky athletic body. Thus the concept of Malibu Pilates was born. Carrol Krieff's exercises have inspired many types of Malibu pilates equipment.

Malibu Pilates Chair with 3 Workout DVDs

 The Malibu Pilates Chair is a revolutionary chair that can let you be toned up at home! This chair comes with Malibu Pilates DVDs.  This Pilates chair received four stars out of five from 47 customer reviews.  One of the reviewers, A PILATES INSTRUCTOR commented this Malibu Pilates chair was very very good. The instructor liked that the Malibu Pilates chair used real springs.  Real springs make you need to control the workout.  The other favorable aspect of this product is that it folds up easily. The DVDs really enhanced the workout too. 

Malibu Pilates Chair - Accelerated Results Package

 This Malibu Pilates chair comes with six work out programs on five DVDs.  Also included is a workout chart and a Malibu Makeover Manual Eating right guide.  This chair is unique because it has the sculpting handles. the sculpting handles help tone your core by providing support and balance for your pilates moves.The DVD include two new workouts that use the sculpting handles.  One customer review gave the Malibu Pilates chair five out of five stars.  This customer was pleased with the timeliness of her delivery. 

 The Malibu Pilates Makeover promises a sculpted and toned body after this 20 minute workout. 

 The Malibu Springs add more resistance to your Malibu Pilates chair.

Stott Pilates

Stott Pilates was developed by Moira Merrithew and Lindsay G. Merrithew. They have created their own version of the Pilates that was developed by the late Joesph Pilates.They have been working on adding adjustment to the Pilates exercise equipment. The original Pilates execise equipment was lacking the adjustment feature.

What's the difference between Stott Pilates and any other Pilates? Stott Pilates works on five principles. Breathing, pelvic placement, ribplacement, scapular movement and head and cervical spine placement. There are several types of Stott Pilates Exercise Equipment to choose from.

Stott Pilates Split-Pedal Stability Chair with Handles

The Stott Pilates Chair offers Pilates exercises for those who need to sit up straight.  It re balances your muscles while providing yo with an upper and lower body workout. This Pilates exercise chair has adjustable handles that make it easy for dips and lunges. The Stott Pilates chair has wheels to make it easy to roll from one place to another. This Pilates exercise machine received five out of five stars from three customer reviews. Customers state this is a great piece of equipment for a hardcore Pilates workout. Another customer states that this is an extremely versatile piece of equipment. Check out the video below for an example of a workout.

Stott Pilates At Home SPX Reformer

 The Stott Pilates Reformer  is a professional grade reformer that offers over 250 different Pilates exercises. The Stott Reformer is fully adjustable to accommodate all sizes and abilities.  Although it does weigh 100 pounds it does have wheels so it can easily moved around.  This reformer is a perfect example of two decades of refining Pilates.  It is also typical of equipment that is used by rehabs and athletes.  The Stott Pilates Reformer received four out of five stars from eight customer reviews.  Customers state they love the fact it only took ten minutes to set up! This customer was also excited about not having to pay shipping through Amazon!  Another customer stated it was wonderful and definitely his moneys worth since he paid 350.00 for five Pilates lessons.

 Perhaps you prefer floor work?  The purchase a Stott Foam roller to assist you in in your Pilates workout.  There are several types and shapes to choose from. Customer reviews are overall favorable.  Customers state that the roller is firm and does not have as much give as other rollers. Customer state this roller is just what they wanted.  Also complete your order with the Stott Pilates Foam Roller Challenge DVD.

Winsor Pilates

 Mari Winsor developed a low intensity Pilates workout.  She has two Pilates studios on the west coast and has many celebrities as her clientele.  Her theory on Pilates is to create a slimming workout.  She has developed a system called the Accelerator that includes stretch bands.

Mari Winsor Slimming Pilates Kit

 The Mari Winsor Pilates kit contains three DVD workouts, resistance bands,hand weights and bars.  Also included is a tape measure and nutrition book.  Ms Winsor has developed a program called seamless transition, which is geared towards building a continuous metabolism.  This program claims to chisel your body with a 20 minute workout a day!  This of you who purchase the Mari Winsor Pilates Kit will have free  30 day VIP access to Mari Winsor's website.  The website offers motivation and coaching.Thirteen customers rated this Pilates exercise four out of five stars.  Customers like how the exercises are " do able".  Customers also liked the variety offered in the workout.

 Don't forget any accessories you might need to get  into shape.  Exercise balls are a great way to stretch, improve posture and tone up.  If you need to do some floor work be sure to have an exercise mat to keep yourself comfortable!


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