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Malunggay (Moringa) for Pregnant Women

Updated on October 14, 2012

moringa powder

Malunggay (Moringa) for Pregnant Women

Iron is very important for expecting mothers. Sufficient supplier of iron in pregnant moms blood is good for the development of the baby. If a the mother has good supply of iron her body has enough oxygen that circulates the baby will have enough oxygen as well and can avoid abnormalities in the development of the baby.

One good source of iron is malunggay (moringa). But, you will be fed up if you will always see a malunggay leaves in your meal (this is how feel when I was still preggy with my Sundae). But hey, I got a solution for you and this is malunggay powder.

Malunggay powder can be added into every dish, everyday, from breakfast to dinner, without getting fed up! Just sprinkle a spoonful of malunggay powder in your menu and walla! Your meal already has malunggay without the annoying leaves.

Want to buy malunggay powder now? Just contact 09228489924/09277112979 or post your comment here.


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    • profile image

      roger 5 years ago

      i will recommend zija smart mix this is pure malungay

    • malunggay profile image

      malunggay 6 years ago

      thanks sam-eg! yes it is a natural source of iron. I also have malunggay in my diet when I was pregnant with my baby until I gave birth since I wanted to breastfeed.

    • sam-eg profile image

      sam-eg 6 years ago from Happy Land

      Doctors always recommend to have your supplementary from a natural source and I didn’t know that malunggay powder can provide the necessarily dosage of iron for pregnant women!! thanks for pointing that up , and actually I have two pregnant friends and I will recommend your product to them.