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Mamushi Book of Life: 3. Life-giving Water

Updated on May 23, 2011

Mamushi Book of Life: 3. Life-giving Water

Mamushi Book of Life: 3. Life-giving Water

Water is life-giving and without water there is no life. When you eat veggies and fruits, you are in-taking water, a good portion of the makeup of these foods is water. Water makes up a major portion of the mass of your body, with water existing inside of your cells, which make up body tissues, and water exists outside of the cells to support cellular function. We were drilled at times during the course of our lives to drink eight glass of water a day. At no time in my life can I remember, consciously, drinking eight glasses of water a day. Yet, after all of these years that I have been alive, I have not died from lack of water. When one eats apples, grapes, oranges, pears, watermelons, cherries and other fruit, one is getting a good amount of water. The veggies that one eats during the course of the day proves one with a good amount of water. Of course, one does drink some water,which is contained within the juices, teas, coffee, and other liquids that we consume. If your are very active, in weather that is hot, or weather that is cold, you should be conscious of your intake of water to avoid dehydration. If you are ill, especially running a fever, beware of an extra need for water intake.

Concerning the quality of the water that you drink. Take care to eat quality fruits and vegetables. Avoid water supplies that are questionable when it comes to water quality. My Hubs are intentionally short to avoid burdening readers with unnecessary details. Write me if you wish to know more about "Life-giving Water." There is a spiritual component to our need for water also, by the way. Spiritual aspects of Life-giving Water will require another Hub.


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