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Mamushi Book of Life: 6. Avoiding diseases

Updated on June 18, 2011

Simple rules can help one avoid illness many times

Rule one: Observe hand washing, when it is appropriate, always.

When I was practicing medicine on a regular basis one of the most important behaviors that helped me to avoid illnesses was hand washing. The simple act of hand washing will help you to avoid viruses (colds and flues) and a few other illnesses that go beyond the scope of this hub to talk about. When you go to the restroom, before exiting, wash your hands. Make it a habit. Teach your children good hand washing technique and get them to wash their hands out of habit. Enough said about this.

Rule two: Be careful while just walking around, running or climbing.

People get hurt just walking down the street while not paying attention to what they are doing. I have even seen people trying to read a book or newspaper while walking down the street, with is extremely hazardous behavior. Watch out at the curbs, accidents happen at the curbs, from ankle springs at the least to skull fractures at the worse. These things happen to young people and old people alike. When you run, really run carefully. I am an old person, so when I run (and on occasion, I do have to run, to get to safety to evade a wild, hostile animal, for example). I am a world traveller, so I find myself on mountain sides, sometimes in jungles, or on the oceans. I am an old person but I have had to live a careful life to survive. When you climb a ladder, or a mountain (like the Mountain Fuji), you have to take each step at a time, really carefully. A fall can hurt you really bad, or kill you even.

Rule three: Be careful what you eat, be careful what you drink.

Eat good foods. I eat organic foods when I can. Just because foods are not organic does not mean that they are always bad. Use your head, study your foods, and eat good foods as best that you can. There are rules that you can follow for choosing and cooking good foods. Some restaurants do a better job than others at preparing good meals. Pick and choose what you eat and where you eat very carefully.

Rule four: Sleep enough hours and sleep well.

Sleep is essential to living a long, healthy and fulfilling life. Whatever measure of good health that I have enjoyed I can contribute it to getting enough sleep and quality sleep. There are rules to sleeping well. Again, this short hub does not contain the space to elaborate on how to get good sleep. I will write more for my followers upon request. If you want to become my follower, I will be honored to have you on board, because I want people to communicate with me on a regular basis.

To summarize my thoughts: My mission in life is about helping people to live long, healthy and quality lives. My vision is to help feed all of the 7 billion people that will be counted on this planet earth by the end of this year 2011. I could have written, easily, ten rules to help people avoid illnesses but I have other work that I must do before the day's end. So, I must stop here. Think about what I have said here. Thank about seriously. Grapple with it. Your life is your greatest resource.


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