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Managing Cravings

Updated on February 20, 2016

My Biggest Weakness!

Cravings-The Bane of All Our Lives!

Aw...Cravings. We all have them, we all have dealt with them. Maybe you're a sweets kind of guy or girl? No, maybe you are more of a salty person.

No matter what type of snacker you are we have all been there. For me, I LOVE anything chocolate...The last time I stress ate....let's just say I am surprised those triple chocolate brownies didn't send me straight into a diabetic coma...but by god they were delicious!

When dealing with cravings the first thing to remember is that cravings are a normal part of everyone's life. The trick is to manage them and redirect them to a healthier option whenever possible.

Stress-Manage It!

I've said this before in my other hubs briefly but stress eating is a huge element waiting to be addressed. Everyone and I mean everyone...has triggers which cause you to eat those delicious comfort foods we all know and love.

First things first, think about what your comfort foods are. As I said above, mine is chocolate. What is yours? Once you find out what your comfort food is, take note for a week or two each time you reach for that food. Remember what caused you to reach for that delicious goodness and think about how you could have mitigated that stressor.

Managing stress is key to reducing those cravings we all have. Once you have established your stress triggers and threshold you can begin working on healthier ways to mitigate and manage that stress. Many options are available ranging from yoga, swimming, reading a good book..the options are really endless! You just need to find something that YOU enjoy!

Remember though, that no matter how much you manage your stress...we are all human. We will all have those moments when by god we are tearing into that quart of ice cream and I pity the foolish mortal that gets in our way...But, we are all human right?

What is Your Go To Craving?

What is your all time craving flavor you go for?

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That Being Said-Don't Deprive Yourself!

When everything is all said and done we need to remember to not deprive ourselves. Our favorite comfort foods are just that-Our favorites!

The trick is to reduce the quantity of the amount you eat. Use your favorite go to food as a reward for a job well done. By having little bits here and there of our favorite foods it really decreases the likelihood of binging on those items later.

One way to help with this is to portion your favorite treat into single serving containers in advance. This way whenever you're having that urge you eat one serving rather than three or four-Or in my case the entire pint of ice cream..Not exactly my best moment but we've all had them.

By portioning your snacking foods in advance when you do have a break you can feel free to enjoy yourself without going overboard. If for some reason you go overboard just remember, tomorrow is a new day and one day is not the end of the world.

Best of luck, and as always thanks for reading!


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