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How to manage your life? Success tips!

Updated on November 11, 2013

“Do the best you can, and don't take life too serious.” –Will Rogers

How will you define success?

It means affluence and status symbol for most of you.

You are wrong if you think so. The degree of your success is decided by the way you manage your life. You cannot be called successful if you are financially affluent, but at loss in managing your family life. You should combine your materialistic wealth with that of your family happiness to enjoy the benefits of both worlds.

Do you know that life is easily manageable if you plan your life meticulously and work according to a plan?

Positive energy

You should be positive in your attitude as it is the fuel to your life vehicle. Just like a vehicle which needs fuel for its smooth running, your success is entirely dependent on your positive thinking. When you are positive in your thoughts, it gets embedded in your mind and you act positively and the end product is success.

Negative thinking is a big ‘no’

If your thoughts are negative, your mind refuses to acknowledge your capacity to succeed and your actions are without the push and verve to make you triumphant. Never think negatively and even if you face failures in the initial stages of your venture do not let go hope and faith in yourself.

Proper planning

Proper planning to execute your thoughts is very important to show you the path towards your accomplishment. You depend on route boards when you are driving to reach your destination, don’t you? Likewise planning your life helps you manage it and you move towards success firmly.

Think how you should execute the plan.

What are the pitfalls you are bound to face?

Are you equipped to deal with the problems you might face on the way towards your goal?

Manage time

You should manage your time with utmost efficiency. You have twenty four hours in hand and giving allowance to eight hours of sleep, the rest of the time should be scheduled to precision for you to get the maximum out of it. You should write down what should be done in paper and this helps you immensely to execute your plan.

Appreciate yourself

Tick the work done and give marks for your efficiency. When you feel you have done well, be satisfied and give yourself a pat, but make sure that your satisfaction does not give way to complacency. Whenever some new ideas strike you, write it down immediately so that you can refresh your memory by going through it.

Have vivid dreams

You should have vivid dreams about your life and it is amazing how your dream becomes a reality when you work relentlessly towards making it a reality. When your dream is without directions, it will always remain a dream. But when you take firm steps to make it come true, it is surprising how your actions follow your dreams and everything falls in its place.

Enjoy life

If your life is all work and no relaxation, you burn out your energy very fast. You should do things you enjoy so that you mind is relaxed and stress free. You should not be obsessed with your aim and lose the good things life has to offer. Quality time with your family gives immense happiness and your family should not be given a back seat in your quest for success.

‘What is well done is done soon enough.’ Seigneur du Bartas

It is when you manage your family life and your dreams in equal scale you get the best out of both worlds. If the scale tilts too much towards success and you forget your family, you success will be lonely celebration. If you are lax in your dream and fail to manage your time and energy you can just be a passable winner and not a striking one.

© 2011 mathira


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    • profile image

      mathira 6 years ago

      Thank, you Carolined21,the trick to success in life is always how we manage our problems and work towards realizing our dreams.

    • carolinemd21 profile image

      Caroline Marie 6 years ago

      In having a successful life you need stability and balance. Great hub.