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Mandatory anger management starting in grade school verses video games

Updated on December 14, 2011

anger management for school kids

A couple of years ago I took a online psychology class at my local college and the group I was in had to do a story on school shootings. At the time I was blown away at the information we found and it seemed to me that ever since the Columbine tragedy happened it has gone from bad to worse.

Now I am on my soap box, because, I think that now as a society we have lost track of what is a video game and what is for real. There are so many gun accidents in the news that no one pays any attention to it anymore, unless of course it happens close to home.

For quite some time now there has been this norm to just let kids play their games not realizing that they are being programmed like our soldiers that we send out to war. I think that we need to have a task force take a look at some of these video games that are really violent. I am not saying that it should be a government task force maybe just some concerned citizens who can take an objective look at what we are allowing our kids to feed on.

I also think that we need to start teaching children at an early age how to handle their anger in a constructive way so that when they hit their double digits they have some sort of understanding of how it all works.


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