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Mangosteen Juice: Indulge in the Power of Nature

Updated on July 11, 2011

MmmMMmmm, Mangosteen Juice

Mangosteen juice has dynamic health benefits. Some may ask "What the HECK is mangosteen juice?" That is a great question and you are in the right place to get a little guide on the health benefits of the fruit you have never heard of. Not only will you be impressed by its reputation for improving health, you will be amazed by its great taste.

The Amazing Mangosteen Fruit

What is a Mangosteen?

The mangosteen originates in Southeast Asia, home to hot and humid weather. A mangosteen is NOT a mango, nor is it related, but is actually a little purple fruit about the size of a plum. In fact, it looks like a miniature, round eggplant, with a leafy, green top. To get to the fruit portion, you simply squeeze the mangosteen together and twist gently in the middle of the fruit. Alas, the magical white pieces are in your line of sight! 

What Can Mangosteen Juice Do For You?

Mangosteen juice is extremely nutritious and has become something a fruit lovers sweet spot. The health benefits of mangosteen juice have been known for the past 200 years, but it is only as of recently they have been scientifcally proven to be out of this world.

Some of the known health benefits of mangosteen juice are anti-inflammatory, anti-convulsant, and anti-hystemine properties. What other fruit that you know of has such potential? One note of caution is that mangosteen juice could potentially inhibit your body's natural ability to produce histamines. Histamines are important because they aid in blood circulation, stimulatory effects to nuerons, hence the anti convulsory properties, and other important nervous and cardovasular system functions. That is not to say mangosteen juice is unsafe. Everything in moderation is okay. Hyponatremia is water intoxication, so yes, even water can be damaming to your body if consumption is excessive. And we all know water is one of the most important elements in our diets!

Why is Mangosteen Juice So Healthy?

The vitamins and minerals that compose this oh, so sweet fruit, are xanthones, sterols, polysaccharides, catechins, antioxidants, and proanthocyandins. These nutrients are one of the most suggested reasons mangosteen juice is a key component in weight loss.

The most beneficial way to derive all of the mangosteen's health benefits is to eat the fruit itself as is the same with most other fruits. The most nutritious and vitamin dense portion of the fruit is the outer skin. It may be less edible and not taste as great as the fruit, but if you can stomach it, you will be on your way to achieveing maximum health. Obtaining the fruit in this state is not as convenient as purchasing it in juice form. When the actual fruit is not readily available you can still recieve all the health benefits in the alternate form.

One downside to mangosteen juice is how long it lasts. As with any food, it's most nutritious state is when it's in its natural state. Because of the low shelf life many of the companies that produce mangosteen juice add preservatives making it last longer. Additives always have the possibility of causing adverse reactions and thus, should be avoided if you have any related allergies.


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    • maolaun profile image

      maolaun 7 years ago from Boston, MA

      I just had some mangosteen juice this morning. MMMMMmMMMMM!

    • maolaun profile image

      maolaun 7 years ago from Boston, MA

      Thank you Hella, I appreciate the feedback. : )

    • HELLA profile image

      HELLA 7 years ago from Boston

      Mangosteen is some good stuff. It's really sweet, but tangy. I haven't lost any weight though! Haha. Then again, I don't really need to. Great informative hub!