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Mansions and our dreams

Updated on December 3, 2015

Dream Mansions

A beautiful place in my dreams

Dreams are an escape and can prove fun and take us places we normally never go. To dream is to live and to envision greater things. We all have dreams but we don't always remember them as they are usually in the deep recesses of our mind and only take place when we are sleeping and in a peaceful state. When we awake we usually have a vague remembrance of it but it is never the same if we have to reconstruct it in our mind. By then our dream is over and gone forever. We can try to interpret our dreams if we can remember them and draw some enjoyment from them.

We usually dream at night when we sleep and when we slip off into dream land there is no telling what will enter our mind. For me I have had some very vivid dreams in which they seemed very real and I was able to remember them quite clearly. Other times I could barely remember my dreams at all as they never made an impression.
Dreaming is very important and it allows us to escape the mundane and boring parts of our lives. We can also be inspired by our dreams and if we can document what we dream we can even share them with our family and friends. Sometimes I wonder if artists, writers or musicians have ever been inspired or influenced by their dreams in developing some of their work. I believe some have and they may admit that they awoke halfway through so they could write it down so they would not forget it. By hastily awaking halfway through though they have not experienced the full effect of their dream which then becomes incomplete. One thing I have learned about dreams is if you awake halfway through it you can not go back to re-experience it.

I have had dreams where I felt I was walking through the hallways and up and down the stairways of mansions and getting lost in the maze of rooms and multiple levels of floors. I find this dream to be fascinating as we all would love to experience what life is like living in a mansion. Most of us live in modest homes so we never ever experience life in a mansion but in our dreams we can experience life in the largest mansion we can envision. If I am going to dream of living in a mansion I may as well dream big and hopefully dream long enough to fully enjoy the experience of covering every room and every floor of my dream mansion.

Imagine walking in a hallway that seems to never end and as you walk through it you see rooms to your right and to your left filled with beautiful antique furniture, large projection hdtv sets, grand pianos, large dining room tables, pool tables, ping pong tables, huge cathedral ceilings, beautifully hand crafted fireplaces, libraries, expensive art works from the most celebrated artists and the most beautiful views of outside that show off the sprawling gardens that seem to stretch for miles as the sunlight reflecting from the glass windows and skylights shine in making the views even more spectacular. As you continue to walk through this impressive hallway you see servants going about their business and the most sophisticated security systems you could ever imagine which is manned by full time guards who have a room all to themselves. It is like mission control with cctv sets that are trained in on every room and every nook and cranny of this impressive estate.

As you walk past the security room you come upon an elevator bank and a circular staircase which you can choose to get to the next level. I opt for the elevator as I could never ever imagine having an elevator that takes me from one floor to another in my very own house. Imagine that! It would be a boyhood dream to take an elevator in my very own home. As I admire the panel and see that this dream of mine has 5 floors I just try to make the most of it and hope I am able to get to visit each and every floor. From what I understand the very top floor has a landing strip for a helicopter. The basement has a vault for all the valuables that must be secured. If you appreciate wines there is also the wine cellar that have vintages of wine that date back to the 1600s. This is all amazing to me as in my wildest dreams I would never have the opportunity to see such lavish living arrangements. This is why dreaming is so wonderful. If only I developed the secret to make our dreams reality. That would be a great thing!

I almost forgot to mention the 18 car garage that I saw which is so impressive and home to all the fantasy cars I always wished for. I saw a 1960s vintage Ford Shelby, a Bugatti Veyron, Lamborghini, Ferari, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Lotus, Audi, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, BMW, Jaguar and so many more that I just could not believe it. I felt like I was at a car dealership rather then in my dream garage. There was carpeting all around, a sound stage and flatscreen tvs running 24 hours playing interviews of the most amazing racing car drivers throughout the history of race car driving.

As I continued on in my dream I had lunch in one of the restaurants in this amazing house which also has a McDonalds express and a 25 seat movie theatre with a full snack bar. The restaurant had a seating capacity of 250 guests and it serves as host for weddings and family gatherings. I ordered pasta and salad and topped it off with a cannoli and a Coca-Cola and then I was off to the next level of the house.

Imagine having a full length basketball court and an indoor swimming pool and a bowling alley. This house had that and more. It even had shower stalls and a sauna room. This was too much to take in and I just could not get enough of it. Every where I went I was amazed and could not imagine living like this for even a day. I did not want to awake from this dream as it was too much fun. After shooting some baskets and taking a few laps in the Olympic sized pool I showered changed and took the elevator to the next level which was the family theatre where I saw Toy Story 3 and felt like I was actually at a movie theatre. There were even staff working the concessions where I had a popcorn, candy and a soda which was on the house. The experience will last me a lifetime as I took this all in enjoying every moment just waiting for when I would wake up.

After the movie ended I admired the room for one last time and exited to take the elevator to the play rooms where there were video games and old fashioned pin ball machines. It was like being in an arcade. There were computer stations and rock climbing walls and everything else a kid could ask for.

This house had everything. It even had a supermarket and souvenir shop where you could go to pick up groceries and treats without leaving the comforts of your own home. Although the refrigerators were huge and fully stocked you still had the store only an elevator ride away and if you were to far from the kitchen then you could go right to the supermarket.

This is what dreams are made of and if I am dreaming this then I want to fully enjoy the experience. As I picked up a soda for my journey through this house I took the stairs to gain an appreciation of the many spiral staircases to the next level which featured the bedrooms which had bathrooms that were larger than my master bedroom in my modest home. Each bedroom had full wall to wall carpeting, walk in closets, beautifully hand crafted furniture, hdtv flat screen sets, and the most comfortable beds you could ever sleep on. The kids rooms had play areas within the room, computer workstations, homework labs and a class room where private tutoring was conducted. I wondered how I was able to have such a dream that seemed so realistic to me. Was I rich in another life and this was a vision of what I once had or is this a vision of things to come? I wonder as I take it all in. As I lay on the bed I find myself awaking from my dream only to write it down and share it with you.

Edward D. Iannielli III

Mansion by the beach

Mansion of my dreams


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