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Marathon Training Tips

Updated on February 8, 2011
Marathon Training Tips
Marathon Training Tips

Marathon training is the ultimate test of both will and physical endurance. Marathon training relies heavily on the strict discipline to stick to a certain routine, a regimen, healthy diet so that you have the tools to complete a marathon. Marathon is not that daunting if you follow some of the marathon tips in this article.

The first marathon training tip is to know oneself. You can start knowing your capabilities and yourself by logging your miles and your condition all throughout the week. Recording the time and logging the distance ran is the gist of marathon training. During the course of training you should be running for 2 to 3 hours around six times.

If this would be your first time to participate in a marathon, better start training six months before the marathon race. This marathon training tip is about scheduling your runs on weekdays and weekends wherein you ran short distances during the week and double the amount during weekends. As time goes on, miles are added during the weekend run, from 10 miles to 12, to 15 and so on and so forth.

You should avoid overtraining. This marathon training tip tells you to listen to your body and learn to taper off. Tapering off is important in training because this is the time to give the body the time to recover, so the last run should be two weeks before the race. This is the chance of the body to renew and replenish.

Sticking to a proper diet is an important marathon training tip that runners share to beginners. The diet should consists of carbohydrates, proteins, some fibers, intake of a lot of fluids and the most important thing of all, stick to foods that the digestive system is very familiar with. For snacks eat sunflower seeds, nutrition bars and bananas.

Last but not the least, the most important marathon training tip is to build your mental toughness. Once the brain can visualize the goal, the body will surely follow. An established marathon participant shares a marathon training tip wherein to remember the good times during the early part of the race. Think about family, friends, and the fun and best of times with them. This would lighten the load and would help you establish a pace in reaching your goal.


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      marathon training schedule Scott 7 years ago

      Tip number 5, use your facebook profile to keep your friends informed about your progress, it is where you will get great feedback and encouragement to keep you motivated or get motivation