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Marathon beginners: A triumph of runners

Updated on April 26, 2011

The story of marathon races is very ancient. It was about the marathon war. The Greek fought against the Persians for a long period. After a heavy bloodshed war the Greek won the battle. The message of victory from the battle field was sent to the king of Greek by a messenger named Pheidippides. He ran a long distance more than 26 miles. He reached at the palace when the sun just going to be down. He gave the message of victory to the king and die instantly. That is the back ground of the marathon races.

Marathon beginners are the persons who run the course of marathon. It is the most aspired desire for the runners to earn the dignity as the winner of the marathon races. Though it very prestigious course to overcome but to complete the course of marathon is not so easy. The Marathon beginners require a long term practice for this.

Marathon beginners are to be fulfilled some criteria essential for the marathon races. Firstly, the most important prerequisite is the soundness of body. Only healthy people are allowed to take part in the races of the marathon. The Marathon beginners must be certified by the authorized doctors for the entire fitness of the body. That indicates, the Marathon beginners have potent lung, liver, heart and bones that provide the permission to take part in the races of marathon.

Secondly, the dress and foot-wears are important for the runners. As the route is a long distance, so the wearing dresses and shoes are important because if the runners cannot get comfort from the wearing clothes and shoes, he cannot complete such types of running. After, fifteen to twenty miles, the runners run only by their mental stamina. So, to hold the strength for a longer period without interruptions shouldn’t be done to the runners. Cause it might be detrimental for his target.

The Marathon beginners should select the dress, which is thermo- resistant.  The socks should be smooth, porous with good elasticity. The shoes must be lighter and well adaptable to tolerate the strain. The wearers of the shoes must be checked it well, that either he or she gets comfort on it or not. If not, then try another one.

The diets for the Marathon beginners must be well formulated, balancing every food values well. The percentage of protein in the diet should be consciously elevated. The source of instant energy is glucose, which is a monosaccharide. It should also be supplemented well.

Finally, if you want be a marathon beginner, you should right now start the practice and preparation for overcoming the distance of marathon course. The potency of lung and heart should be improved to it’d maximum level. The Marathon beginners are recommended not to take the alcohol and not smoke, during the session of marathon race. Both are detrimental for the soundness of lungs and heart. If you can sincerely do these, you can be the owner of the prestigious recognition of the marathon races. 


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