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Marathon beginners: The ultimate runner

Updated on April 26, 2011

It may be your dream to be the runner of marathon course. But it is not so easy task that can easily be done. It needs enough preparation and perseverance. However, it is tough but not impossible. Marathon beginners should be cautious about their health soundness. It is necessary to have a good healthy condition certified by the doctors after examinations.

Marathon beginners initially are the fit people of those having capability to overcome long distances. The practice of marathon is the symbolic to the ancient history, where the news of victory to the king was sent by the Greek force by a runner. The runner started his journey just at the onset of morning, he kept moving. Near to the evening, he reached the long course from the battle field and that was 26 miles and 385 yards (42.195 kilometres). The name of the runner was Pheidippides. Just after reaching the capital city of Greece, Athens, the palace of king, he conveyed the news of victory and lie to dead. From that time the tradition of overcoming such distance was introduced.

Fill the spirit of the Marathon

The most aspired dream for a runner to be a conqueror of a long distance. To be the Marathon beginners, you should have some prerequisites for the pretty long course. During this course many of the runners get sick or fatigue and leave further running. The number of death due cardiac arrests is also in considerable amounts. But the dream to be a marathon runner never quit from the mind of the runner seeking the dignity of the parathion crown.

The Marathon beginners should be certified by the physicians that they are capable of completion the marathon course. The soundness of heart, lungs, liver and muscles of limbs are to be confirmed by specific tests. The marathon beginners should avoid the smoking and alcohol. The smoke and alcohol both destroy the potency of lungs and live respectively.

The socks and shoes of the Marathon beginners should be qualified. The shoes and socks must be comfortable to wear and flexible in stress. The shoes must be lighter in weight, and should be well adapted to the strain of running. These should be thermal resistant; otherwise it may be hazard for the runners.

Diet is the one of the most important factor for the Marathon beginners. Well balanced diet before few months of marathon races, is must. The diet should be enriched with proteins and carbohydrates. Adequate supplements of vitamins and minerals also to be ensured for the runners. For quick energy gaining, the liquid or semi liquid carbohydrate soup also chosen.

As the Marathon race has a ancient historic back ground, so the people of modern age still remember it in the form of organizing the marathon races. The participators are treated with dignity and the winners are being treated as hero. So, it is still a dream of a runner to complete the marathon course and earning the dignity of prestigious rewards from the organizers.


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