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Margarine and Butter which is Healthier?

Updated on January 28, 2015

Is Margarine Healthier Than Butter?

Margarine and Butter which is healthier? Hmm....

Many people keep asking which is better for their health – margarine or butter? Margarine tastes good and so does butter. They both perform the same functions. But studies have shown that margarine is healthier than butter. So if you have a choice between margarine and butter, then by all means go in for the margarine as it will enable you live a healthier life.

But why is margarine healthier than butter?

The reason why health experts keep saying that margarine is better is because of the fact that margarine is made from vegetable oil hence contains no cholesterols. Many will be amazed to hear that margarine contains no cholesterol. But believe it or not margarine do not contain cholesterols simply because they are made from vegetable oils. Margarine contains fats, but no cholesterol. This is the reason why margarine is more friendly to the body than butter.

Besides not containing bad cholesterols that can damage the body, margarine also has good amounts of fats that are very good for the body. Margarine has the polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats that experts say help the body in fighting and reducing bad cholesterol levels.

On the other hand butter, is a product of animal fat, which is big reason why it is not very health friendly. I guess this is not the first time that you have heard that products of animal fats are not very friendly to our body and especially heart? Butter can be dangerous for the body if consumed in large quantities. Health experts say that butter is made up of bad cholesterols and fats. The type of fat in butter is quite different from the type in margarine.

Butter has the bad fat called saturated fat which is not good for the heart – especially if consumed enormously. So folks, you see why it is always advisable to always go in for margarine instead of butter.

Before I conclude this column, I will like to let my readers know something very important. Although I have just said that margarine are better than butter, it is not all types of margarine that are good for us. Some margarine can be as unfriendly to our body like butter. These types of margarine are the solid ones. Harder margarine are not good for the body. According to experts, consumers should always go in for softer margarine because the harder a margarine is the more unfriendly it is to our health.

Health experts say that hard or solid margarine has a higher content of a fat called trans fat, which is not good for our health. The trans fat is almost like the saturated fat, and it can significantly increase bad cholesterol in the body. Eating more trans fat can increase one’s risk of suffering from diseases of the heart. The trans fat is however not high in softer margarine, and that is why people are advised to always go in for softer margarine or even liquid margarine.

So people if you ever find yourself in a position where you have to choose between butter and margarine please take the wise choice by going in for the margarine, for it is better for you and your health.

Margarine and Butter

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    • Lizzy Parker profile image

      Lizzy Parker 3 years ago

      Even if it's less healthy I much rather butter ! !