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Marijuana Induced Panic Attacks

Updated on May 25, 2015

Can Marijuana Cause Anxiety And Panic?

We all know marijuana for being a positive and recreational drug used amongst teens, adults and even the elderly. It been used by scientist for research purposes again and again to find positive uses for it as well as anything negative about it. We also know that drinking kills at least 2.5 million people annually yet it's legal and sold everywhere. It's offered to you at bbq's, picnics, friendly gatherings pretty much everywhere you go it's there for you. Marijuana not harming anybody right? it's not killing anybody at all but yet were still decriminalizing people for it in most states. Yes it has come along way that much I can say and I'm very happy to see that. I feel it should be legal everywhere and with me saying that I am 100 percent for the use of cannabis. Lets start with the positives of this miracle drug shall we. helps open your mind to creative thoughts, brings out a humorous side in shy individuals, helps with social anxieties, and can even work as a Viagra without the migraine side effects that has. Helps people who are sick with diseases who lack a appetite suddenly have the need to want to eat, motivates people (only if you're a motivated person) helps with headaches and many more natural causes. Only a few negatives to name since smoking anything is never good for your lungs as marijuana not as bad still not good inhaling any form of smoke. Makes lazier people even more lazy, and can cause short term memory loss. We'll those are just a few negative things to deal with right since there are so many positives.

I myself am a marijuana lover and smoked for many years and enjoyed the hell out of it. It was only until I was in my teenagers years at 16 when I experienced something that scared the life out of me. I was riding in the car with some cousins and passing around the blunt back and fourth just a normal day of smoking. Until suddenly I start to feel my chest pounding through my shirt very fast and hard. I went to feel my heart and it was pounding extremely quick in a palpating fashion I immediately started to go into a full panic telling the driver that we need to pull over quick my heart is racing! He says were almost to where we need to be just try to stay calm as I continue to freak out and breath heavy and faster. holding on to my chest thinking I'm on the verge of dying. "die from weed this isn't possible this doesn't happen this can't be". we pull over to the pet store and we get out the car my cousin goes and feels my heart and says in a calm voice "yeah it's beating a little bit fast but you're okay cousin just relax and walk with me breath slowly" I begin to take deep breaths as he's talking to me calming me down and I'm just glad that I'm with close ones. I'm sure my friends would of just been laughing at me saying that I was tripping. The panic attack only lasted 10 minutes and then it went away but I was still shaking up from the whole thing. We did what we had to do at the store and we then left and went back home. I went to bed and just wanted to rest off what happen earlier that day. Once I woke up I still had some marijuana left over so I rolled up a joint and figure I try that thinking maybe it was just the blunt that did it. I stepped outside early in the morning smoke it again and it didn't happen this time. So here I am happy, laughing, and having a good time thinking it was just something that happen once and won't happen again. I continued to smoke more for weeks and then suddenly it did it again even worse this time. beating faster and pounding through my chest I walked outside to get some air pleading and hoping not to die. This panic attack goes on for at least a hour until basically the weed starts to come down and I'm not as high. After a hour goes by that felt like 5 I finally begin to calm but my hearts still beating pretty fast. It wasn't until the full 2 hours it took the high to come down until my panic attack went away.

You would think after such scary moments like the ones I went through I would put the weed down and never lite up again. Wrong! I still kept at it just taking less hits and most of the time I wouldn't even panic, everything would be just fine and I would enjoy the high. More smoking went on for at least another month and here we go again another panic attack that just seemed like every time I had them they would just be worse. The stronger the marijuana was the stronger the panic attack was. The more I hit the longer it lasted. It got to the point I was so in fear of dying I went to the emergency room because I was convinced it was something wrong with my heart. Once I arrived to the hospital panicking the whole car ride once I got inside the hospital and saw a nurse it went away. As almost if I felt safe once I was in the hospital because I knew I could be saved inside here. they checked out my heart put me on a EKG and still nothing was wrong with my heart. It made me go crazier because they made me feel like something was wrong with me and I was just making this up like it was all in my head. I couldn't picture a life of never smoking weed again it was like apart of my life. my heart would act up on a daily basis now even without smoking marijuana it would beat irregularly and I even had to sit out during gym class from a doctors note. making me more depressed and stressed out I already missed all my friends because I moved to a new state where I had no friends and my family wasn't there. It was only until I went back home my heart began to get a lot better and after seeing more doctors I was told that I was having severe anxiety disorders and separation anxiety. I tried everything from anti anxiety medications, breathing techniques, and even buying natural remedies online that never worked. Why is this happening to me? I love marijuana and now I have to live a life without it. I'm way more calmer then I used to be when I was younger but even if I do smoke now I only take a hit a two and it has to be weak or a more calmer indica type of blend. Even then I'll still get a panic attack every now an then. It's a shame that a great drug does this to some people and no, where no punks or light weights it's something that can happen to anybody. Would love to overcome this one day but until then I just stay away from it.


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