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Marijuana and Cerebral Palsy: My Personal Experiment

Updated on March 8, 2015

Lets Meet Todd

Lets meet Todd: he is a well off, 50 year old family-business owner with cerebral palsy that gradually became worse and affected his legs more as he got older. His speech is inhibited by the muscles in his throat, constricting his voice box so tightly that he struggles with words. He cannot walk on his own, not for very long anyway; and uses a walker and a motorized chair in the home. He cannot grasp things with his hands in the way that someone with complete control of their motor functions might. Instead he relies on others for basic everyday tasks. Todd also has been trying to drown his cerebral palsy with beer. This causes for an even more jumbled mess of brain waves and his mind is already trying to smooth out a crooked path as it has been from birth.

So on the day that I should happen to meet Todd to discuss my experiments, I pull up to the Smokey Bones I was meeting him at and waited with excitement. Finally someone open to alternative medicine, who was not open to it previously. I had talked to Todd over the phone and collected some basic information on him, such as health conditions, lung conditions, capability to ingest this specific type of natural medicine (marijuana) and a few more. With everything ready, I sat patiently awaiting him. He pulled up, or should I say, his driver pulled up in a handicapped van and stopped. He waved to me and I returned the gesture. Upon seeing I was who was to meet Todd, he hopped out of the driver seat and walked around to the side of the van that was facing my car. He opened the door and revealed Todd, and his walker. After about 15 minutes, Todd was seated inside of Smokey Bones comfortably and we began to talk.

"...the applications and uses are limitless..." and he stopped me. "What are we waiting for Jess? Lets go do this!" I explained to him, several beers later, that it was not going to be an accurate test because his body needed to be completely void of alcohol on the day we attempted this*. (*THIS referring to ingesting marijuana as a medicine) He nodded sullenly, but agreed. When he asked why, I explained that the effects are heightened by alcohol, but not in a good way. Mostly just a clumsy kind of disorienting way that wouldn't allow for accurate results. The next day I told him that I would pick him up at 10am, and we could start the test then. The drinking needed to stop before he could get better in other ways. It was a lot like the alcoholism was a result of the terrible incapacitation and the incapacitation was not made any better by the alcoholism. I got him to agree to quit drinking for a week during my tests.

[I would like to state now that I am not a doctor or scientist with a degree, simply a child of light that recognizes the patterns our bodies make when they heal themselves with natural remedies and wants to help share the knowledge that I am discovering with the world.]

The next morning I waited outside of Todd's gorgeous home anxiously. When Todd appeared at the door and motioned for me to come in, I grabbed up my belongings and went inside. We gathered in the kitchen and I got to it: breaking up the pot, then rolling it into dutch masters cigar leaves and setting the blunts on the table. The salivary gland in Todd's mouth pretty much made joint papers out of the question as they would disintegrate and ruin everything. So I figured that the dutchs would at least last longer than the joints, and as Todd's hands were not capable of holding a glass bowl with a lighter and I wanted him to be able to self medicate without assistance. I handed him one of the blunts and a lighter, but to no avail because he was unable to operate the lighter. I lit it for him, and began recording.

Before Todd smoked, he was struggling to speak fluidly, and most of his words were muffled by his tongue. His hands were knotted and stiff with ache that he had learned to stifle with beer. His legs he could control moderately. After smoking for 3 minutes, he started to relax. His speech was miraculously improved. He was able to put the blunt in the ashtray without my help because his hands had relaxed. He said they did not hurt and showed me how much better he could move them, clenching and unclenching his hands with boyish amazement. Although his legs were now relaxed he still only had moderate control over them but Todd did not care. He was so happy to be able to relax from something that did not drown his mind out. He was ecstatic. He asked me for a hug and said that he hoped I had time to grab him medicine weekly! HA! Here is this man, raised to believe Marijuana was the "devils candy" simply because of propaganda, is praising it and making plans to procure it from now on! I gave him information on getting his medical marijuana card and left him with a few blunts rolled up, along with instructions on how to use the stove to light them, as this was his only method of lighter, and was on my way. I was feeling quite profoundly about this experiment I had conducted, and its wondrous results.

I helped Todd simply by using the power of knowledge and information. Help others you know by sharing this story with them and lets change the way people look at this amazing medicine the Earth is providing us with.


Cerebral Palsy and Marijuana


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