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Marijuana and Depression - My Personal Story

Updated on December 10, 2009

I've heard many misconceptions about depression and marijuana in my life. I'd like to share my experience so that others who have similar experiences feel more comfortable discussing and finding solutions to their issues.

A Joke Poster

Marijuana did not help my depression.

This is one of the most important things that I just wanted to get out of the system right away. Many people think that since marijuana is famous for making people think they are happy all the time, when they are depressed and they smoke it, they'll be happy as well, but the truth is that it does not work that way. This actually brings us to the second point which is...

Depression and marijuana feed on each other.

When I smoked I was depressed, and I smoked because I was depressed. I mean, seriously depressed. That's the truth. Of course, when I was depressed, I wanted to get away from my real feelings, so I hid behind marijuana so that I didn't have to face reality.

Marijuana is cowardly. It is time to face your fears.

People smoke pot because they want to get away from the tough reality of life. It's an easy escape. They are trading short term happiness for long term misery. It took me years to realize this simple fact in my own life.

The truth is that if you're depressed about life, you need help. You need people that will love and support you. If using marijuana is a contributing factor, smoking more if it just doesn't help.

The more you smoke when depressed, the less you can do.

When I smoked a lot, I didn't accomplish a thing. It took me forever to do simple tasks that didn't used to cause me any trouble at all. Where are my keys? Even getting dressed becomes a pain. Believe me. Sometimes I woudn't even have the motivation to leave the house for days.

I ended up becoming a little emotional in this hub but that's because I want you to fully understand that you will not fight depression with marijuana. It just won't work.

I put an end to my addiction and depression

After smoking marijuana for close to 10 years, one of the main reasons that I wanted to quit was to get my mind back. I feel like a different, better person now that I am not stoned all of the time. Most people can't quit smoking marijuana because they don't know what to expect, or don't have a plan. You can escape this lifestyle. If you want to be fully prepared and successful when you quit marijuana, leave a comment, I am happy to help.


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      when i started smoking my mind and body could take more and i didn't realize what it really does to you. after smoking for 3 years i started noticing how bad it really is. you don't think its a big deal smoking weed. some people don't get caught up in it, but a lot of people do. and before you know it your addicted that's why its drugs, don't underestimate weed. it poisons the mind and it can lead you to think divrently then your true self does. confusing depression or just plain ignorance. you have a good post man thank you for sharing.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Hi friends, I was smoking weed almost everyday for about 2 years and I've recently attempted to quit. I've been clean for about 2 weeks and I have pretty bad anxiety right now. I get headaches on a daily basis and sleep is hard to come by! All of this on top of exams has been driving me crazy. My marijuana use has triggered my depression, I never used to be depressed, but becoming dependent on marijuana really pushed me over the edge into a deep and dark depression. I've felt quite hopeless and each bowl I took really only made things worse. I've almost dropped out of school because of this, but I'm hanging on right now and I'm determined to stay sober. I know my life will get better and I'm going to stay clean! Thanks for listening, it feels very relieving to share this with you folks.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Hi, Im addicted to marijuana. I have been using mj for 7 years now everyday regular user. I took a break from mj a couple times but couldn't fully quit. I really want to quit and today is going on my 3-4th day without it and so far I am winning. But I have the urge to smoke and think about throughout the day. I started getting paranoia off and on from mj for about a year now and still want to do mj. I agree with you that mj can also deepen your depression when you are not high. I have experienced that. I know everyone is different and I want to stop permanently from it, but its hard when i got a cupboard full of paraphenilia and a half ounce of it calling my name from there

      If anybody wants to pray for me I think it would help.


    • profile image

      biplav11 depression .... 

      5 years ago

      yes your article is a lesson to addicted persons who has concept that smoking relieves their tension . Thanks

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Sorry - the last comment posted accidently....

      It is so hard to witness someone driving themselves into the ground and he won't let me help, or doesn't know how to let me help... I try to research and be as understanding as possible...

      The only thing I want to do is help him feel better but at what cost to my life. I have been tearing myself apart for years... the psychologist said that I was basically emotionally abused because of his depression... I ended up with pretty bad anxiety but I have worked on myself and learnt a lot and for that I am appreciative... but with him still going up and down and now going back to relying on pot to shut everything out - at what stage do I know if he wants to get better or is just so bad with depression that he doesn't know any better.. or doesn't want to and just can't admit that to himself and me... or what???? How do you help someone you love? The last thing I want to do is apply more pressure on him as he is so stressed with everything but no one else knows as much as I do and no one else tries to talk to him... it feels wrong to just let him meander on through life driving himself into the ground but he won't let me help him - when do I know if it's time to leave him and at least try and figure my own life out? I don't want to as I love him dearly... but life is very unhealthy like this.

      So confused and I don't want to abandon him... but I can't go on like this either...

      Thanks for reading - I'd appreciate any positive thoughts please - I'm only trying to do the best I can.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Hi :)

      My partner has chronic depression and we have been struggling for years to work on it together.. He isn't a great communicator but is trying hard to get better - it's difficult to help someone when you don't know what is going on.... He used to smoke and had a dependency on pot many years ago but gave it up a long time ago. Your story is similar to his struggle in many ways & wants to give up smoking cigarettes too (he is a very heavy smoker). I have just discovered that he has gone back to pot & has been hiding it from me & now I'm totally at a loss. I'm trying so hard to help him, myself & our relationship, not to mention his young son who desperately needs a stable father & our business where we have several staff that rely on us to manage a healthy business for their & our own livelihood... It is so hard to witness someone driving themselves

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I'd love to quit smoking weed I believe it has turned me into a very paranoid, self conscious person that was once just the opposite of that. I believe I don't quit because it is so popular to smoke weed now adays everyone around me does it I want so bad to be successful and I feel like smoking is holding me back. However, I've taken note of the many people that have managed to lead successful lives smoking a lot of weed. I envy them I wish I could do this but I'm getting to the point where I just think I can't.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Thanks for sharing your story. It is helping me "wake up" and realize that I am not going to be able to fight depression while smoking week. You are so right. The hiding from reality, escaping from it. I want more and better for my life. I appreciate your honesty. Thank you for being brave and having the courage to takle your issues and do what ever it took to live again.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      i had the anxiety and depression from the weed for years. try they have a great product that works ive tried it

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Hey there,

      I sympathize with those who adore mj and those who are mid-Quitting...I smoked every day gor over 3 years, i have a burning passion and love for the stuff, but when my 14 year old sister killed herself 7 years ago, i fell into a mind-destroying depression (was already depressive before, but didn't smoke everyday, had more of a life) i lasted about a year after her death without smoking anything or relying on any drugs to help, except a very brief stint on "lexapro", an SSRI medication...

      I did this to try and come to terms with the pain etc, but it ended really badly, i got "akathesia" from the lexapro and tried to kill myself...the feeling is hard to describe, but its like wanting to escape from your body because it jitters and is so uncomfortable it is unbearable...

      So after that, i started smoking mj to forget the pain, couldn't trust doctors or psychs anymore and had vitriolic hatred for religion, so i was totally fucked!

      I am almost a month straight today and have terrible, vivid dreams and also insomnia that is worsening...its a complicated issue to be sure, but don't judge people for their struggle, it is really cruel and you don't know what they've been through...

      Im so lost and nobody can help, my family doesn't even know because they hate mj and wouldn't be able to handle it, so i am alone, with only forums for comfort, thx to the kind posters...mean ones can eat a bag of dicks

    • Katharella profile image


      7 years ago from Lost in America

      Name calling wasn't really necessary since this person is depressed! How's that helping them?

      I smoked on/off from age 12-40. I never had a withdrawal, but it's like anything, too much of something is NEVER good!

      I like cake, and one piece is fine, but the whole thing isn't! Right!:) -you'll see!

      You were making your depression WORSE by making it an everyday all the time thing.

      I encourage you to read my hub "weirdo's in wal-mart" - You'll see how I look without it, then a full size view of me WITH IT. I used in moderation, carried a 4.0 in college, and only studied on it, not used IN school (I had a tape recorder for that and LONG notes lol) and my nails were long, painted pretty, and you can tell by the length of my hair that when I was on it, just a bit here n' there I took great care of myself, and without it, I'm depressed, overshop, overeat.. Sure, obviously I still do funny things (like in the hub) but if you watch the Shopaholic video) I was like Rebecca the little girl.. in pt 2, it shows her the hard working creative girl who has a personality as colorful as her clothing! That USED to be me!

      But it's like anything, everything isn't for everybody. But pills did more damage (obviously) to me than mj EVER has. Hope you stay feeling better, but don't down those who know how to use it. :)

    • Lisa Kilgore profile image

      Lisa Kilgore 

      7 years ago

      while I agree with part of what you said I have suffered depression for 30 plus years sometimes I smoked pot and sometimes I didn't There are definitely medical uses for it and in some cases it does help alleviate situational depression. However I do agree that chronic depression is not helped by smoking.People with certain illnesses DO get relief through pot smoking. As for the law making it illegal you should google the reason it will open your eyes to the fact that it was political and pot is not always a bad thing I am glad you fell better not smoking though

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I feel ya. I've been clean for 3 months and I still feel a bit "off". How long did it take you to recover? I'm hoping I can get my happy confident self back soon.

    • profile image

      figured it out 

      8 years ago

      to "dousk" I think you should smoke as much pot as you can get your hands on. That is my wish for you....(and I know better cause I smoked for 30 wasted years of my life!) Cheers doush!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      everybody is different...

      you where using it for all the wrong reasons, it wasn't marijuanas fault your life was fucked, it was your own.

      don't blame pot for your problems, it didn't cause them, you did, have the courage to blame yourself.

      marijuana is wonderfull, truly divine, and should have been legalized worldwide by now.

      god i get so tired of people like you...

    • depression profile image


      8 years ago from Oregon

      How does it increase your depression? How often did you smoke it?

    • stars439 profile image


      8 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      I am glad that you feel better. Depression is the pits. I hadit all my life. I think feelings of insecurity help feed depression. When things are right around home, when bills are paid, when there is food in the refrigerator, when there are things I can do that I can enjoy, I think depression is lessened. I use to take lots of different medication and it helped, but then the dependency on medication is something else to deal with. I think love, a good family enviornment, not too many worrys, all help fight the blues. Good luck and I will pray for you. By the way, when I decided to ask God for help, I think that also helped me.

      Depression can be and in and out thing. Unfortunately it comes back sometimes. It depends on how life treats you as well. If life is the pits, I had to try my best to find good things to think about and do to keep my mind off of too much negative stuff. Got to fight the negativity too. God Bless You.


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