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Married to the darkness

Updated on February 9, 2015

Weather it be mentally, emotionally, spritually, or physically we must understand and know that we are the only provider of power to over come darkness.

There are times in life where we may encounter something so sereal that it can be blinding to the senses, confusing, intriguing, unfathomable for our comprehension. We are being molded through the devourer by the devoured, brought to a place where everything we once knew, loved and trusted about ourselves, the world around us and our place in it begins to crumble and distort right before our eyes. Everything we knew to be right or wrong, what you value, how and what you believe in enters a state of diminished capacity , creating a mear shadow of our former self. When life brings you to a new manipulation of perception through the eyes, mind and thoughts of another, you may very well begin to question your own sanity. It is in this time of confusion that we may accept and allow all to be lost within ourselves. We become consumed by darkness, hurt, pain, anger, confusion and begin to loose our will. It is pivotal that we find a separation between ourselves and this manifestation of consumption and control. It is only by an awakening and understanding of self, faith, love and Jesus that we are able to once again become part of the light. There are many tools to help us find our way it is only by our own will and acceptance to allow those tools to influence our life that we will find and make the changes we want and need.

Love is an inside job....

Reference materials for the practice of spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical uplift

Developing an understanding and awareness of self love.

Once we begin to accept that we are our own conquerer, we begin to manifest the realization that we are ready to allow the tools we have been given, help us grow. We begin to find enjoyment in things we thought were long forgotten. Things like art, poetry, music, laughter become light in our hearts as they re-enter our lives. We begin to enjoy the company of others as we had not done so long ago, while we kept our hearts and minds imprisoned in darkness cast over us by the devourer through the devoured. As we grow through our journey of self discovery, self love, acceptance, and awareness, we plant seeds of self worth. Through this process of Identifying ourselves as worthy we begin to find peace within. Things become clearer, less distorted and the path which once was so consumed by darkness becomes illuminated.

Genuine Self Love is the goal. Before you enter into a new relationship after recovering from a relationship with a Narcissistic Sociopath, get right with you!


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    • profile imageAUTHOR

      Mae Weston 

      3 years ago from Mechanicsburg, Pa

      I wasn't looking for a grammar lesson. I put this together in a very short amount of time. This was my first attempt at writing a hub. The goal was to articulate a clear message. I believe I followed through with that goal. However, I thank you for your criticism. I will try to pay more attention to mechanics and spelling in the future.


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