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Martial Arts for Fat Loss

Updated on April 7, 2014

The weight loss industry is booming, everyone wants to get down to a size 0 and wants the results now. All the while MMA is currently the largest growing sport around right now, the UFC is going off in a huge way and taking over the world. So where am I going with this? The possibilities of two massive interests working together to hand in hand to get awesome results 'killing two birds with one stone'.

Martial Arts are an excellent form of excersie for weight loss, and being lean and fit sure does help in fighting or martial arts. So, what are the most popular forms of martial arts and how can they help when getting fit, and losing weight?

Godsmack - Crying like a Bitch - UFC Music Video

Muay Thai

My personal favourite - Muay Thai is a total body workout. Punches, kicks, grappling, gives the entire body and core a massive workout, all whilst keeping an rapid pace that shreds calories and fat like nothing else, and is considered to be the king of stand up combat by many in the world of MMA. Muay Thai is good for muscular endurance and fat loss.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

BJJ is more leverage based and the pace can vary depending on the class or training partner. Most beginners usually muscle through most of the techniques (to no end, when grappling and experienced practitioner), making the first few session quite draining on the muscles. After some experience, BJJ is more of a relaxed sport, developing excellent core strength and flexibility. BJJ is a different type of fitness to Muay Thai, with most movements being long, securing holds as opposed to rapid movements (kicks, punches etc), with a few exceptions.


Depending on what style of Karate you take up, depends on the fitness and weight loss you can expect. Many karate school are quite fierce with their fitness in gradings and promote a 'never say die' attitude which helps develop confidence and state of mind.  Most karate clubs have hard classes with fitness routines (pushups, squats, crunches etc) mixed amongst their technique training.  Like Muay Thai, many clubs go hard on pads rounds and sparring, getting an excellent cardio workout that burns fat an incredible rate.


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