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Massage Tables Reviews Earthlite or Oakworks?

Updated on September 12, 2015

High Quality Professional Portable Massage Tables

If you have not experienced hands on massage from a professional masseuse I would recommend you give this little pleasure a serious tryout. The typical cost is about $60 for a one hour session, or half hour at $60.

It’s unfortunate that massage has a negative connotation with “seedy” parlors and prostitution, but that is what’s portrayed on old Cop Shows. Here in Las Vegas all the Major Casino Hotels have day spas and massage is a big seller. If you have never been to a spa and had a hands on treatment from an experienced professional you are missing out!

I’ve been going to massage sessions for years for health reasons.  I simply feel a lot better when I’ve completed a session; so much so that I decided to purchase my own massage table. Yes I know you can’t massage yourself, but that is beyond the point. Massage tables are versatile, comfortable, and easily stored.  Plus many licensed massage therapists will travel to your home, and it’s a lot easier to just have everything set up and ready to go.  Plus I’m a bit picky about hygiene and on my own table I know who was there before.  I know that sounds kind of gross, and a good therapist will always change the table sheets, but even so…

I began investigating online reviews trying to find out what was a truly good table and this lead me to conclude that Earthlite and Oakworks make the best tables, but which one should I buy?  The therapist I was seeing at the time was using Oakworks and it was a very solid and comfortable table. I ended up choosing an Earthlite Brand table and I’m about to explain why.

Earthlite claims to be the #1 brand of massage table. I don’t know how you verify that, but all of the massage therapists I spoke with told me that Earthlite tables and Oakworks were the two brands to choose from.

I purchased the Earthlite “Spirit” over the Oakworks “Nova” because it was available in a wider size and just looked like a more quality table.  It’s actually rated to hold more weight not that I need that feature, but it makes me feel confident that it’s a more solid table.

The Earthlite Spirit is very easy to fold and transport, and I use it as a second bed if I have guests.  All you have to do is unfold it, adjust it to whatever height you want and then put a foam topper and a sheet on top.  It’s almost the same size as a twin bed and much more versatile than having and extra bed, a cot, or having someone sleep on the sofa.

The Earthlite Spirit also has rounded corners whereas the Novo model from Oakworks does not. At the time of my purchase a couple years ago I found an online dealer that had a much better price than the Oakworks so that factored into the equation as well. Plus being a West Coast company shipping was cheaper.

I’ve been extremely pleased with my purchase and I’m sure my table will last for many years into the future…. Probably outlive me actually.  I know this is less of a review and more than a testimonial.  But, if you are in the market for a massage table I can personally and highly recommend Earthlite. I buy my accessories from Body Work Mall in Utah (You can find them online pretty easily). I believe they are somehow affiliated with the Utah College of Massage Therapy which is well known to Massage Professionals. They are an authorized Oakworks and Earthlite Dealer.  My advice is to shop around for the best price and compare that to what you can get the table for if you buy direct from the websites listed below:

Earthlite Massage Tables is based in California

Oakworks Massage Tables is based in Pennsylvani

Comments Welcome.

Earthlite Massage Tables

Photo of the Earthlite Spirit Massage Table which I purchased in White
Photo of the Earthlite Spirit Massage Table which I purchased in White

Oakworks Massage Table

Photo of the Oakworks Nova Massage Table
Photo of the Oakworks Nova Massage Table


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