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How to Get completely relaxed Give Yourself A Massage for Stress and Strains.

Updated on April 4, 2017
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Massage your woes away!

I don't know about you, but sometimes I just cannot sleep however tired I am. Recently I have been helping someone move house, go out and buy furniture, and literally run from one place to another, not even giving myself a break to do my own thing. It was on one of these sleepless nights, when my whole body ached, that I suddenly remembered how I always used to get myself to sleep.

A few years ago, whilst I was rushing around doing four jobs, taking my son to school, and doing general odds and ends, I suddenly slipped over and pulled the muscle in my right calf. The pain was excruciating and I couldn't walk on it for days. So I decided to do something about it.

I would like to ask you all a question first. When was the last time that you actually felt your body with your own hands? No, I do not mean sex with a husband or partner, In fact I am not talking about any intimate encounters at all. I mean, really touch your own body. From the top of your head, to the bottom of your feet.

I can actually hear your minds scrabbling for the answer! No seriously, I bet it was a long long time ago. You may say, well I always rub myself dry after having a bath or shower. Yes I agree, but you do not take time out to feel each toe, each muscle or bone in your foot.

How many times in your life, have you actually placed your fingers, both hands, stretched out wide from the palm of your hands, and put them on your head and gently massaged your scalp. Have you ever massaged your face? No? You don't know what you have missed. Here below is a few tips to get you started. And believe me when I tell you, when you have done it once, you will be doing it all the time!.

First of all, you have probably read loads of stories saying that when you massage, you must use candles to calm you down, and oils to make you relax and smell nice. Obviously these things can enhance your massage, and feelings of well being, but it is not necessary. If after a hard day, you really cannot be bothered with all the extras, and you just want to feel warm and relaxed, then my advice is to either just use your warm hands, free from any creams or oils, or if you find that it is a bit rough on your skin, just use your usual moisturiser to soften and silk your skin.

I find that if you have nothing between your hands and your body, like oils or creams, it is a much better way to feel your body intimately.

What do I mean, intimately? Let me explain. Every day we cover ourselves with creams and oils, spray ourselves with deodorant, and generally put a barrier between our skin and our hands.

The body has so many nerve endings, and our fingers have very sensitive pads on the top of each finger. We usually skim our fingers over our body to rub in oils and cream. Doing massage without these barriers actually makes you feel your own skin, probably for the first time in years. Every part of you has lines and muscles, ridges and mounds. Most of them go untouched for years! And each and every part of you sometimes needs to be brought alive with touch. Over the years how many of you have actually touched the back of your knees? Felt the small of your back, touched the top of your arms?

So shut the door, lay on your bed, or sit on your settee, undress or stay partially clothed. It is up to you.

It is entirely your decision where you start on your body. I prefer the toes, then you can work your way up.

First of all, get your hands warm, and then slowly start to gently glide your fingers over all of your skin, just to get the feel of it. Then reach down and start rubbing and massaging your toes. Feel them, imagine that you have never seen or felt them before. Feel each bone, massage the nails working your way up your foot, under the ball and getting to the instep. Really massage and pummel your instep. You will find that the more that you massage it, the harder that you will want to do it. The reason for this is because your feet have nerve endings that go all the way up your body. You will start to feel a relaxation in your tummy regions. I am sure that you all have had that feeling when you get a pain in your feet, and to your surprise you also get a sharp pain in your middle. Reflexology explains it better. A reflexologist will say that each nerve in your foot can help pain in other parts of your body, and that is why back in the old days, people used to put their feet in hot water and mustard! because the believed it would help them to fight of their colds! See it wasn't an old wives tale!

After doing each foot. start slowly to rub your hands in circles around your calf muscles, making sure to feel each line and muscle, touch and feel every bit of rough skin or smooth patch, and if by this time you haven't got your eyes closed, I want to know why! Just move your hands up your legs doing the same thing. Back and front. By the time that you get to your thighs you will probably want to go to sleep! But don't because you haven't got to the best part yet. Your face and head.

After the thighs put your hands on your buttocks and kneed them like dough! And don't forget the handles as we ladies like to call them, on the side of your hips. Really massage it.

Obviously you will not be able to do all of your back, unless you are a contortionist! but try to reach around and touch as much as possible. By this time you are probably beginning to feel very self concious, as the parts that you are massaging are usually touched in an intimate way, when having sex Forget it. That is the trouble with us. If we look at the body as a whole, instead of parts we would realise that each bit of you is still just you. Get over it! Don't limit yourself to your usual hands feet, legs and belly. Feel each part of you that never gets remembered. When was the last time ladies, that you massaged your ribs underneath your breasts? see what I mean. Do not miss your underarms, keep massaging. Now we get to the best bit. Your head and face. If you have never done this you have definitely missed out. Place your hands around the back of your neck and massage, going up further and further until you are in your hair. and just start to gently move your hands in circles. Don't rub. I know this may be a bit itchy, but try not to start scratching!! Go behind the ears, feeling each lobe, run your fingers through to the ear canal, and out around the back. then just continue up and over again. Trust me, you will be here for hours!

But now for the most important part. Your face.

If you don't want to pull the skin on your face, this is the time to put on a little moisturiser. But only use a little, you still want to feel the skin. And the main thing is, if you use cream, it will make your skin feel colder, and that is defeating the object. Okay, start to massage your neck, in circular motions, moving up and up until you get to your cheeks. Really kneed them, but gently. Then go around your eyes, and move up to your hairline. Don't forget the corners of your outer eyes, and around your nose. The most ignored part of your face is your moustache line!, I call it that so you know exactly where I mean! Then around your mouth and outwards towards the side of your face. Go slow, and don't pull at the skin. If you are anything like me, you will be doing this for about half an hour! Trust me, it is lovely. So There we have it.

By this time, you probably will not only feel sleepy, but all those tensed up muscles will be lovely and relaxed. Your breathing will be slow and steady, and your whole body will feel oxygenated and balanced. Make sure you drink a glass of water afterwards, to rehydrate your body, because all of the massaging will have released all the toxins from your muscles and cells. And this will also help to thin your blood. Most problems caused by muscle cramps and feelings of being unwell, stem from the fact that people are dehydrated even living in modern houses. We always believe that dehydration comes from being in a hot climate. This is not true. We can also get dehydrated in cold climates, caused by central heating, rich food and too much tea, coffee and cola's. Our body needs water. We must not forget that.

Okay, nearly there. Once you have reached your bed, turned off the light and snuggled down, give yourself one more quick hand rub over your body again, taking special care of the upper arms. This is the most soothing thing to do, to make you feel finally relaxed.

Dawn Peters Facial massage

© 2010 Nell Rose


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