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Massage rejuvenates the body and soothes the mind

Updated on January 15, 2013

Feeling stressed and suffering from sore muscles and back?

It is time to experience a gentle, non-threatening and professional massage to rejuvenate the body and soothe the mind.

Chair massage is growing rapidly in popularity since it enables people working in high pressure jobs and long work hours to receive personal care on the spot: at home, at work, even during seminars, camping or company conventions.

A combination of modern and traditional massage technique plus reflexology, chair massage is beneficial for people meeting deadlines and dealing with burn out, as well as for preventive care and maintenance.

Relax and unwind in a special chair designed to comfortably support your body, wearing your regular clothing. The sessions are tailored to release built up stress and tension on the neck, back, shoulders, arms and hands.

Benefits of chair massage include relief from soreness and tension in muscles, relief from mental, physical and emotional stress, prevention and relief of repetitive strain injury (RSI), increased energy, mental focus and awareness, improved muscle tone and ease of movement and overall sense of well-being.

Chair Massage is also referred to as On-Site Massage because it can be done practically anywhere. Chair Massage is done without oils and with the client's clothes on.

Kneaded Touch Massage – Ontario


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  • MercuryNewsOnline profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Toronto, Canada

    Chair Massage at airports is a boon to weary airline passengers. It is good to discover the health benefits and share the experience of a good and relaxing massage. Thanks, Lynda.

  • lmmartin profile image


    8 years ago from Alberta and Florida

    I tried one of these in an airport once while in between flights. Did the trick! Thanks for another interesting hub.

  • MercuryNewsOnline profile imageAUTHOR


    8 years ago from Toronto, Canada

    I read your hub on Kalari massage and I find it very informative and helpful.

    Massage and other holistic practices had been with us for thousands of years.

    Living with indigenous peoples who walked barefoot in forested areas in Mindanao, Philippines made me curious about their health and longevity. Studying reflexology has helped me understand how the earth's magnetic field, trees' absorption of carbon dioxide and air purifying and oxygen capacity, soil, sand, stones, air, water and healthy natural environment can have vital impact on foot reflexes of our body, immune systems and natural healing

  • I.B. profile image


    8 years ago from Center of the Universe

    Nice short review. I have never had a chair massage, cause it is not very popular in our country. I will definetly give it a go if I see one on any of my journeys.

    For all you massage lovers out there I also have a hub on a different kind of massage dating back thousands of years and still popular today ->


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