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Master Your Metabolism and Change Your Life Today

Updated on April 1, 2011

What masters your metabolism is your endocrine system, and changing the way your body reacts with what you introduce into it, may change your life to the better. Losing weight, reducing the risks of diabetes, heart disease and cancer are not the least benefits.

Whether you minimize toxins entering into your system, interchange food categories, reduce or shift calories, or manipulate the time and/or interval of eating, using one or more of these methods may affect the interaction of your endocrine system, and master your metabolism.

Mastering Metabolism by Reducing Toxins

Before the industrial revolution there was no such huge number and amounts of pollutant chemicals in the atmosphere, and there was no such ample household fabricated products. These chemicals disrupts the endocrine system and interfere with metabolism by increasing weight gain hormones and blocking weight loss hormones.

The processed food is a modern way of introducing the harmful industrial products into our bodies, some have effects on hormones or metabolism, and all have to be cleared through our body filters, the liver and kidney. They hinder the endocrine system from mastering metabolism to the good of our bodies.

To consider chemicals we introduce into our metabolic system as a part of what we eat, think about trans fat, hydrogenated fat, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives, they are all industrial products made in the factory and not produced by mother earth. They may participate in mastering metabolism and directing it to a new destination.

Some people deny the effect of toxins on mastering metabolism due to the lack of a scientific proof, but I can draw their attention to the effect of some chemicals -drugs like Barbiturates, Ethanol, Rifampicin, Eryrthromycin, Fluconazole, Ciprofloxacin, Metronidazole .. etc - on enzymes by either inducing or inhibiting them. These enzymes may reduce or prolong the duration of a hormone, and the question is how many chemicals have such a distracted research like drugs?

What Else Can Master Metabolism

Reducing calories will change the battery of hormones mastering the metabolism, nevertheless reducing it over a long period of time changes hormonal response again, and one will need to shift calories to increase weight loss hormones and reduce weight gain hormones.

Since some hormones that are strongly related to energy sources like cortisol, have a circadian rhythm in their secretion, manipulating eating time may have a mastering effect on metabolism.

Exercise can also affect metabolism by increasing secretion of growth and regulating the mechanism of energy production, and if it reached the stage of building muscles which largely consume energy, it will master the whole metabolism.

Again some foods the are produced through an industrial process, like refined grains, high-fructose corn syrup, glutamate, colors ...etc may affect hormonal balance and attenuate the body ability to master metabolism.


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