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Maternity Clothes, Do They Still Exist?

Updated on June 9, 2012

What Ever Happened To Proper Maternity Wear?

I would first like to start by saying " I am not a prude". I just want to know whatever happened to proper Maternity clothes? I understand times are changing, and being pregnant is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about, but the clothes that are being worn these days are just terrible.

Why do many young girls think it is okay to wear tight fitting T-shirts, tank tops, and those short belly shirts when they are pregnant? Not to mention the pants that they choose to wear. I mean, we just don't need to see every contour of your tummy, and your belly button popping out of the shirt. Oh my favorite ( sarcastic here), in the summertime, really short short shorts. Girl you are already pregnant, are you looking to hook up again or get raped by some nutcase? "Really"?

I just think anyone who is pregnant should have respect for the changes that the body is going through, and not everybody needs or wants to see these changes. Actually I have noticed people tend to avoid and look away from girls that dress like this when they are pregnant. You can not just flounce around with your tummy looking like a cantaloupe with a nubby, and nothing left to the imagination. What the heck are you thinking?

I am not saying that the girls nowadays have to dress like monks. Not at all. All I am saying is they should dress with some respect for the condition they are in.

Gosh back in the day when I was pregnant for my two kids, well now they are in their 30's, but anyway.. We had very nice clothes, and they were cute and stylish. We had the cotton tops that fanned out and tied in the back, and came in many different styles. Then of course we did have the hokey cotton maternity pants with the elastic stomach, but at least it was made to accommodate the comfort of the pregnant woman and her baby. You can't wear tight clothes, as the baby needs room to move.

I am not trying to be harsh here, but gal's you are pregnant., act like it, and dress like it. You can get back to your Mojo later on, especially after you lose all the weight you may have gained. Or you can just go around showing off your muffin top figure, with the tight belly shirt... just like you did with your melon belly.


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