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Mattresses Safety Burning Beds

Updated on September 5, 2015

We learn about fire safety at school when we are kids. We may think about safety when it comes to fire but most of us do not think about this when we fall into bed each night. The Consumer Product Safety Commission states that an average of 365 individuals die each and every year from fires that involve their mattresses. This amount sounds even worse when you consider that this means that about one person every day loses their life to this.

It is a requirement for the makers of mattresses to comply with regulations set in place by the federal government. They must meet fire repellant restrictions. This has saved many lives. There are newer regulations out now that require manufactures of mattresses to make their product even more fire proof. This is because of fire threats from candles, matches, and lighters as well.

It should be understood with these improved regulations that chances of a mattress fire is not completely gone. The hope is that there will be a bit more time for a person to be saved in the event of a fire in their mattress. The fact is there is not much time when a mattress catches fire before it is completely engulfed. With this new regulation manufactures seek to make mattresses that burn at a much slower rate of speed. The hope is that this will result in giving the victim more time to remove themselves from the area. When it comes to children, mattress fires are the main cause of death every year. This makes mattress safety the highest priority.

When thinking of mattress safety the first thing that comes in mind is smoking in bed. Studies show that this is the number one cause of mattress fires. The fact is, smoking in bed has lead to a large percentage of those who died in their homes as a result of fire. It was in the year of 1973 that manufactures of mattresses were required to make their mattresses resistant to fires that are ignited by cigarettes. When purchasing a mattress be sure to see this is in place with the mattress you select.

The lighting of candles is very popular among the public. They add beauty to the home and a sense of calm. With this being said, leaving candles with open flames and going to bed is a big fire hazard. The flames from an unattended candle can totally surround the house in a matter of minutes.

Education for our children is vital when it comes to the dangers of fire. Teach them from an early age not to touch or play with matches, candles, or lighters. It is always ultimately the parents or caretaker's responsibility to make sure that the child's fascination with fire does not lead to a dangerous situation. Telling them is not enough. It takes a watchful eye.

We must not forget the value of smoke detectors when it comes to fire safety. A simple smoke detector should be installed at every bedroom in the house. With this being said, maintenance is necessary where smoke detectors are involved. The maintenance is merely making sure that all batteries are good at all times. Set a schedule you can remember as to when tests should be made. A good idea is to do this every-time the seasons change. Additionally routinely change smoke detector batteries once each year.


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