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May 31 - Anti Tobacco day - Good bye smoking

Updated on May 30, 2011

Good bye smoking

     In california USA there is an association of anti tobacco. "good bye smoking" that is their motto. yes, bye to smoking what a pleasureful thought. But what would say the habit of smoking to quit it?. Thank you come again. Every cigarette packet comes with the warning ' smoking is injurious to health'. there starts the joke of smoking. The scientist Thomas alva Edison once said " I would like to see a man with a gun rather than a man with a cigarette in his mouth. I didn't give jobs to smokers.because that makes injury to the nervous system.

So, Better to know about something about smoking.

  • Smokers punishes badly their brain, heart, lungs and blood vanes.
  • Smokers losses 6 minutes of life for every cigarette they smokes.
  • Main disesases caused by smoking is Cancer and Emphesema. Nicotine enters into lungs and spreads all over the body by blood. There is a type of cancer only for smokers that is Throat cancer. Another dangerous disease is emphesema causing breathing problems, dullness.
  • Increasing cholestrol level, rheumatic diseases, vericose vane will also caused by smoking
  • It is also happening changes to main glands in the body.
  • By agree with this reality, some body not quit the smoking habit. There only a 1/100 portion of willingness need to quit smoking than to quit drinking.
  • The only the thing to do what is? Think strongly 'Next cigarette not now, not after sometime, never for ever'.


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    • profile image

      Cheeni 6 years ago

      Its a very pathetic situation in many countries,that the government gives license to sell tobacco products in the market,knowing that how much lethal it is.The monetary benefits over weigh the health of the nation.

      from Cheeni