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May, Month of World Asthma

Updated on April 23, 2012

Based on data from the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of asthma sufferers in the world estimated at 300 million people, this figure is expected to increase to 400 million people in 2025. In the world, asthma disease is including 5 large cause of death, estimated 250,000 deaths annually due to asthma. The high figure is mostly caused by poor asthma control and attitudes of patients and doctors often underestimate the level of asthma control.

Meanwhile, the price of drugs for asthma remain high. It was recognized that the best remedy for asthma is the inhalation form of the drug. But this can not be done well because of high prices of the drug. High prices of drugs for asthma sufferers is to make governments from the third countries need to budget funds to help with medical expenses of asthma.

According to the Global Strategy For astma Management and Prevention GINA-Global Initiative for Asthma (2009), a person with asthma could control it when has 6 criteria:

(1) No or rarely experience asthma symptoms,

(2) Never wake up at night because of asthma;

(3) Never or rarely use drugs salve,

(4) Able to perform normal activities and exercises,

(5) Results of lung function tests normal or near normal,

(6) Never or rarely have an asthma attack.

There is an annual event organized by the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) which called World Asthma Day. The event is to improve asthma awareness and care around the world. World Asthma Day held on the first Tuesday of May.

Asthma control can be done in a simple, effective and efficient. with the Asthma Control Test is called (ACT) is a mediation that can be done by people with asthma to determine the level or score of persons with asthma.

In fact asthma is not a scary disease. Asthma can be controlled, its recurrence can be prevented so as not often arise and can be overcome by way of control. Reducing the attack will happen and not interfere with daily activities performed. Living with asthma is no longer a problem with your discipline to control it.

Several strategies to control asthma:

1. Knowing clearly about asthma

Someone who has asthma should be familiar with the ins and outs clearly of the disease. Knowing clearly what exactly asthma is. The introduction of this asthma should not only to the patients who suffer from asthma, but also to his/her family. By knowing clearly that the misery of disease will form a positive motivation in the patient and family to cope with asthma who suffered.

2. Know the factors that trigger a recurrence of asthma attacks

These factors trigger asthma attacks in people with asthma are not the same each. Factors can be triggers by allergies, air changes, infection, food, fatigue, drugs or smoke cigarettes.

3. Asthma Treatment

Treatment is not only done when an asthma attack occurs, but also when there is no attack. Patients need to understand the drug should be used at the time of attack and outside attacks. In principle, the treatment of severe asthma adjusted for illness. Asthma medications fall into two categories: routine medicine and emergency medicine.

4. Regular exercise

Many people say that people with asthma should not exercise, because it would trigger an asthma attack. This opinion is really not true. People with asthma actually have to do regular exercise.

5. Regularly controlling asthma to the doctor

By doing this regularly control, the patient can know clearly how the development of the disease, and may also be done with adjustments for medications that are used in accordance with the conditions of his/her body.


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