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McDonald's Nutrition Facts sheet

Updated on February 11, 2013

McDonald's Food by the numbers

This list shows what you are really eating at your favorite fast food restaurant. Don't act surprised, we all knew it was bad. Print this sheet out and take it with you next time you expect to order from their menu. Knowledge is important when ordering anything.

 Check out this video showing how slowly fries and a burger break down in a regular environment and in our bodies.

Mcdonald's by the numbers

McDonald's gets a bad wrap for their quality of food. This is a list of their popular menu items and their nutritional values. Mcdonald's has made strides to add more healthy choices to their menu, but even their salads are fairly unhealthy. Eating fast food is always a trade off. To have food ready in minutes, you are sacrificing alot in terms of nutrition, tatse, and value.


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