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Medical Prescription Expense Help

Updated on August 15, 2012

Need Help With Medical Expenses?

Medical expenses can skyrocket out of control real quick and if you don't have insurance or a way to pay for those expenses you may be left holding the total amount for the bill. Medical assistance is important for those people who don't have the means. Help can be the difference between losing it all and ending up in debt and underwater forever.

Having had been in need of medical financial help in the past and suffering by not having insurance I personally know what can happen if you neglect your health because of a lack of money. Being poor should not be a death sentence. That is why I want to help the rest of you reading this article. If I can help one person with this it will have served its purpose. So I hope this information helps.

Financial Assitance Program Links

Much of the time hospitals and even drug manufacturers have programs available to people who have no income or are on hard times. Being a diabetic I found that I could get insulin by contacting the manufacturer and having my Primary Care Physician sign off on the amounts I needed. So it helps to know where to look and how to ask.

Drug Manufacturers Patient Assistance Programs:

Surgical & Medical Assistance Programs: Physicians for a National Health Care Program

Universities: If you live near a University, there are usually programs at low cost to no cost to you since the university will use your surgery to help teach the students. Contact your local university to see what programs they offer.

Hospitals: Hospitals cannot refuse you based on inability to pay in cases of emergency. If you find yourself in dyer need of medical help go to the ER. Also most hospitals have hardship programs, talk to the finance department at the treating hospital about writing off some of your bill and set up a payment plan over time.

In closing - I really wish you all the best. It is my hope that one day all of us will have access to free healthcare. I believe that education and health care should be basic human rights for all people. Good luck and bless you.


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