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What To Consider Before Buying Medical Id Bracelet

Updated on April 26, 2012

What things should you consider in purchasing medical id bracelet?

Don't Purchase Your Medical Id Bracelet Till You Read This!!! This lens discusses five things that are crucial for the diabetic (or others with chronic ailments) to consider before purchasing a medical alert bracelet, charm, necklace or other alert jewelry.

My story is a simple one; I have been a diabetic for approximately thirty years. I hat to admit that during my  younger years I did not respect the disease as I ought to. However, now I keep things under control.

Several years ago I fell into a diabetic coma. The first thing the paramedics did was to check my medical id bracelet. A medical id may save your life one day. The money you invest on a good bracelet is worth every penny!

The purpose of this site is to aid your choice in picking a top quality Medical alert ID that you will wear daily!

(Picture From

What are you looking for in a medical id bracelet (or other alert Jewelry).

What is your major concern in medic alert id jewelry?

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Where can I get a high quality Medical Id Bracelet?

medical alert id

NOTICE:  If you have a chronic disorder that requires special treatments; you probably need to wear some form of Medical Alert Jewelry. 

Question:  Where can I get a high quality Medic- Alert Bracelet? As you shop around you might want- and should consider American- Medical D's.

If you would like a- great ID Bracelet check out the link below!...

American Medical ID
Personalized Bracelets and Necklaces. As always, free engraving.

Medical ID (My Pic)
Medical ID (My Pic)

Medical Id Bracelet: Consideration Number One - An Online Medical Registry.

Medical Alert Jewelry is a good first step!  The Jewelry you chose should have an online presence!

An online presence is a- Perfect- Complement to Your Medical ID

It would hold such info as:

    ** Medical- conditions
    ** Emergency- contact information
    ** Doctors'- names
    ** Insurance information
    ** Documents- (living wills, donor cards, EKGs, CTs, x-rays, etc.)

This life saving info would be available 24/7!

Medical Id Bracelet: Consideration Number Two - Personalized Engraving And Sizing (FREE)

There are a lot of generic bracelets for the diabetic, hypertension, etc. chronic conditions.  These are OK, but you need to communicate so much more info to a health professional.

This immediate information can / should be engraved right unto your bracelet.

Medical Id Bracelet: Consideration Number Three - A Wide Variety Of Styles To Choose From.




Medical-ID (Pic by me)
Medical-ID (Pic by me)

Medical Id Bracelet: CONSIDERATION NUMBER FOUR -A Wallet Or Purse Card To Go With Bracelet.

Keep a Wallet or Purse Card as Well
The major purpose of the card is in case the jewelry gets torn from you or you forget to take the id jewelry with you!

Medical Id Bracelet: CONSIDERATION NUMBER FIVE - Engraving Warrantee


(Just me!) My first bracelet was cheaper as I did not want to invest much money on a bracelet. Not only did it look cheap, it only lasted for a few months. Then I purchased a handsome, sturdy Id and it has lasted! I am now VERY satisfied.

I hope you will give this lens a 'thumbs up' rating and leave a comment here. - Thanks for the visit

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