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Medical Uses Of Castor Oil

Updated on July 9, 2013

“Castor oil” doesn’t sound good but it does feel good when you use it. Well over 800 million pounds of castor oil is used annually all over the world. It has a lot to offer you.

So what are the uses of castor oil and how we use 800 million pounds a year?

There are many uses of castor oil as it is widely used in foods, lubrication, derivatives, biodiesel and in medicines. Castor oil is by far most effective in medical treatments and medicine. It has been used since ancient times for curing different internal and external diseases.

Used in drugs

Castor oil is used to produce a whole lot of drugs. It is categorized as Generally Recognized As Safe And Effective in US. It is helpful in treatment of several diseases all alone and when used in combination with other chemicals. Xenaderm ointment, Saperconazole, Aci-Jel and Sandimmune are a few drugs that include castor oil as a major ingredient.

Cure for arthritis pain

Castor has been found to be very effective in curing arthritis. Arthritis is a disease where patient has joint inflammation and trust me it is very painful. Arthritis pain can be cured almost instantly (or I must say in a few hours) with castor oil that is not possible otherwise. A small pack of castor oil heated gently for a few minutes can help you say goodbye to your arthritis pain if placed on the joint, knee or at any part of the body for an hour or so.

Several studies have proved that castor oil is indeed very effective for arthritis pain relief hence do not consider it to be folklore or something.

Mild surface tumors can be treated

Edgar Cayce was an American psychic who always recommended castor oil for the treatment of mild tumors. Scientifically it has also been proved that castor oil increases the T-cell production in the body. Castor oil pack placed on infected area covered with hot water bottle is very helpful for external or surface mild tumors. Dr. Dana Myatt has done much of the work on tumor and castor oil integration which is evident from her book “A Physician's Diary”.

Perfect for constipation

Now this is something very common and we all know that castor oil is very effective in curing constipation. A teaspoon of castor oil can help you get relief from constipation. It is a proven treatment of constipation so you don’t have to ask anyone before using it.

Skin treatment

Castor oil is a great antibacterial medicine that can cure almost any external skin disease. A study that was carried in India showed that castor leaf extract was much effective against bacteria as compared to Gentamycin. Due to its antibacterial nature, castor oil is widely used in different skin care products and ointments. Various skin diseases can be cured with immense ease using castor oil including:

- Sunburn

- Dry skin

- Acne

- Warts

- Age spots

- Skin inflammation

- Chronic itching

- Athletes foot

Since there are ointments available in the market for these skin diseases so all you have to do is buy a drug or ointment for your skin that has ample percentage of castor oil included in it. Alternately you can massage your skin once or twice a day with a castor oil dipped cloth. There is no harm in using it for cleansing as well.

Summary of the Top Facts

  • Castor oil is used in production of drugs.
  • It is used to treat arthritis pain.
  • It can help you permanently treat surface tumors (mild ones though).
  • Castor oil is widely used as antibacterial agent and thus it can treat almost all types of external skin diseases and injuries.
  • If you are unable to find a cure of ringworm, castor oil can help you.
  • It is used for hair growth and cure baldness.

Helps getting rid of wrinkles

When it comes to wrinkle-free skin, castor oil can help you in that as well. If you want to get rid of all those wrinkles and old age sings, you need to use castor oil since it has the ability to make your skin fresh, smooth and absolutely wrinkle-free. You can either choose to use an ointment that is majorly composed of castor oil or you can do it yourself.

Dip a small piece of cloth in castor oil and smoothly massage your face, hands, arms, feet and any other body part that you want to see without wrinkles.

A perfect cure of ringworms

If you are having ringworms and are sick of this irritating disease, you need to start using castor oil. Undecylenic Acid, a major component of castor oil, is very effective in treating ringworm. But you have to use castor extracts instead of oil to treat your ringworms. Here is how you have to use it:

  1. Take some castor leaves and wash them with fresh water.
  2. Soak these leaves in coconut oil. If you don’t have coconut oil, skip this step.
  3. Heat the leaves gently.
  4. Put leaves on the infected area and leave for at least one hour. It’s better to cover leaves with a piece of cloth.
  5. Give leaves the time to treat your ringworm.
  6. Repeat this procedure daily or at least 4 times a week. Wait for the results.


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Castor oil for hair

Castor oil is extremely good for hair. It can help you say goodbye to baldness forever. Castor oil for hair has been used for centuries. When it comes to scientific research and facts and figures, we have a few studies that found a positive relationship between use of castor oil and baldness recovery. So scientific evidence is not there but as mentioned, castor oil for hair has been used for years. There were case studies where continuous use of castor oil for hair and regular scalp massage gave birth to strong, thick and shinny hair.

Since castor oil is good for skin and several skin diseases, therefore it is generally believed that when castor oil is applied on the scalp (which is a part of skin) can prevent hair loss, hair damage, hair dryness and scalp problems.

A final advice

Although castor oil has no side effects on human body when used externally but when you use it internally, as in constipation, you have to be very cautious. Make sure that you adhere to the precautions and dosage stated on the label of the pack.

Besides, pregnant women, people with intestinal disease (severe ones), appendicitis or intestinal blockage should not use castor oil without consulting a physician.


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